Podcast: Breaking down the Steve Jobs movie

It’s the first ever version of the Macworld Movie Club on this special edition of the Macworld Podcast, as we discuss the movie Jobs. Joining me in this roundtable review of the new Steve Jobs biopic that arrived in theaters Friday are Philip Michaels, Armando Rodriguez, and Susie Ochs.

We spend some time talking about what we liked about the movie and significantly more time on what we didn’t like. If a movie about the life of a public figure as famous as Steve Jobs can contain spoiler alerts, we do dive into the film. So if you’d like to go into Jobs unspoiled, save this podcast for after you leave the cineplex.

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Show Notes

This is our seconds Jobs-themed podcast this week; on Wednesday, we posted an interview with director Joshua Michael Stern. You can also watch the video of that interview if you like pictures with your words.

Philip Michaels reviewed Jobs for Macworld and also detailed who might feel slighted by their portrayal in the film. Susie Ochs will talke tech-inspired movies in an article that’s posting soon to the Now Streaming column on TechHive.

During the podcast, we mention 1999’s Pirates of Silicon Valley, a made-for-TV take on the early days of Apple. I reviewed that movie for Macworld 14 years ago. (I didn’t like it as much as the other panelists on this podcast did.)

Oh, and just in case you think this is the last word on Steve Jobs movies, remember that a big-screen adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s Jobs biography is in the works, with a screenplay from Aaron Sorkin.

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