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A monopoly case gets dismissed without someone flipping the game board, the Moto X is picky about what you can write on its case, and what are the odds that a proposed Steve Jobs sculpture is tasteful? The remainders for Friday, August 16, 2013 are going for the gold.

Apple IPhone Antitrust Complaint Dismissed by U.S. Judge (Bloomberg)

U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers dismissed a lawsuit alleging that Apple maintains a monopoly on software for the iPhone. Also, these guys are really upset that their VHS players don’t work with their Betamax tapes.

The curious case of Apple ebook Judge Denise Cote (Apple 2.0)

Speaking of matters legal, Philip Elmer-DeWitt rounds up commentary from a site he describes as “Rate My Professor” for judges. The subject? Judge Denise Cote, who oversaw Apple’s ebook price-fixing trial. Several of the comments note that she has a tendency to make decisions ahead of time. In other news, are there “Rate My Professor” sites for other professions? Because I want to know how I’m doing on “Rate My Snarky Daily Tech News Summarizer.”

For the Moto X, ‘Apple’ is a four-letter word (The Verge)

Woe betide you if you try to have the word “Apple” (or “Droid” or “Google” or “Samsung”) engraved on the back of your Moto X—the service treats them like swear words. Ah, but do they stop you from engraving “epplA” and then attaching a mirror to your phone? Not so smart now, eh?.

The Who, What, and When of iPhone and iPad Usage (Flurry Blog)

Mobile ad network Flurry has posted a breakdown of what kind of people use the iPhone versus the iPad, and when they use it. But while the breakdown accounts for new moms, fashionistas, casual simulation gamers, concert event lovers, (not-new) moms, and the “hip urban lifestyle“ crowd, I can’t seem to find any information on dog owners who wear glasses and enjoy the occasional glass of wine with dinner. I cry foul.

The gold iPhone 5S (iMore)

Rumor has it instead of your conventional phone-call sound effects, this model will ship only with “blingtones.”

Let’s build a statue of Steve Jobs! (Indiegogo)

I’ve got a chisel and a block of marble … now what?

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