The Macalope: Where's Norman Bates when you need him?


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Tiger Beat in the Valley’s John Koetsier sure knows how to sell an interview with tech maven Robert Scoble.

“The core of Apple’s problem is Tim Cook, Scoble says” (tip o’ the antlers to Rajesh).

Sure, Scoble talks at length about Microsoft and Google and waxes poetic about Glass, but what’s important is getting the Apple-bashing above the fold.

Despite this, the Macalope might have provided VentureBeat a link, but the site uses one of those obnoxious doohickeys that puts a link in every single thing you copy out of an article. So after having to remove the link over and over again, they can just chew on an antler.

The prolific blogger, tweeter, and speaker has over half a million friends on Facebook, is in a massive 4.1 million circles on Google+, and has another 350,000 followers on Twitter. He carries three phones and wears two motion-sensing wristbands. He’s written one book on social media and is publishing a second on wearable technology and ubiquitous information shortly.

He wears Google Glass! In public! He bats left-handed but pitches right-handed! He makes his own gravy! He’s got a subcutaneous identity chip in case he ever runs off during a thunderstorm!

It’s Scoble!

And he’s got a pretty good view of what’s happening to Apple, Google, and the entire mobile industry …

Does he? Or does he have that special kind of myopia exhibited by people sitting too close to the screen? How else does one explain his claim that Samsung was also a winner when it lost a billion dollars to Apple?

One thing’s for sure: Scoble is a rapidly leaking sack full of opinions!

I’ve had lunch with Google cofounders Larry [Page] and Sergey [Brin], and they talk about products, and they make me believe they really understand – and they care, and they understand where the future’s going.

But I have not had lunch with Tim Cook. The End.

People I’m on a first-name basis with are brilliant futurists, people who I’m not on a first-name basis with are not.

Google Glass has 600,000 times more computing power than the Apollo missions.

Computers! Aren’t they amazing?!

In other words, you have a Cray supercomputer on your face, and it will cost $300.

So, what does Scoble do with this privilege? You don’t even want to know. Seriously, do not click that, unless you just ingested something toxic and are in dire need of an emetic.

Also, that $300 price tag is according to an analyst. Unless Larry or Sergey confirmed it to Scoble on the QT over some fro-yo!

I was first in line for the iPhone, but I’m not a fanboy of any company—I’m in favor of anything that’s best of breed.

Of course you picked it up, but the Macalope keenly remembers your attitude about it back then and it pales in comparison to your handsprings and hot shower action with Glass.

Which is fine. The iPhone was a device for everyone while Glass is more of a device for, well, people like you.

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