Slideshow: Hands-on with iPhone 5c and 5s

Images from our hands-on with the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

Apple's colorful new product line

At an event on September 10, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5c and 5s. Here are pictures from our hands-on time with the products.

Three Amigos

The iPhone 5s comes in three colors: gold, "space gray," and silver.

Meet Mr. Gold

The gold iPhone doesn't look gaudy, just classy. It's a soft gold hue with a white front.

5s from the front

The three iPhone 5s models as seen from the front.

My finger is my passport

Press your finger on the iPhone 5s home button and it will try to verify your identity via your fingerprint.

Try Again, buddy

If the iPhone 5s can't recognize your finger, it will tell you to "try again" and eventually display the passcode keypad instead.

Five colors, 5c

The iPhone 5c comes in five different, bright colors.

Painted ladies

All the colors of the iPhone 5c as seen from the back.

iPhone 5c, encased

Apple is making its own case for the iPhone 5c. Combining the case colors with the phone colors leads to 30 different fashion combinations, such as those seen here.

Pink in hand

Default wallpapers on the iPhone 5c are color-matched to the color of the phone.

Flat on their faces

A closer look at the back and bottom of the iPhone 5c.

Two-toned iPhone

Here's a look at a pink iPhone 5c case. A little bit of the phone's white color shows through around the edges of the front of the case.

Blue on blue

How much bluer could this iPhone 5c and case combination be? None more blue.

Two cases, many holes

Each iPhone 5c case has 35 holes to let through the color (and, unfortunately writing) from the back of the phone.

Bright colors

A side view of an encased iPhone 5c.

Microfiber inside

There's a microfiber lining inside Apple's iPhone 5c case.

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