The Week in iOS Accessories: Paper mate

This week's roundup of gear for your iOS devices includes an accessory you can use as a ballpoint pen on paper, as well as paper you can use to turn your iPhone into an actual notepad.

Paper mate

This week's roundup of gear for your iOS devices includes an accessory you can use as a ballpoint pen on paper, as well as paper you can use to turn your iPhone into an actual notepad.


The $64 Skye bills itself as a "Wi-Fi receiver for your dock." What that means is that this nifty device plugs into 30-pin-dock-connector speaker docks—ones where your iOS device previously would've plugged in—and and turns them into AirPlay speakers, letting you stream high-quality audio from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Auris is currently raising money for the project on Kickstarter.


The $99 VersaStand is a folding, aluminum iPad stand that can sit comfortably on your desk, or be mounted below a cabinet for kitchen use. It comes with a rubberized hard case that is compatible with with your iPad’s Smart Cover.


The Touchy line of gloves, which runs £40 per pair in the company’s native United Kingdom, are made to keep your hands warm and your iOS device in use. Each glove keeps the thumb and pointer finger open so your fingertips can touch your touchscreen without your hands getting too cold.


The $35 ECO-u500 and the $65 ECO-u1000 power banks are each dual-USB-port chargers that offer 5,200 and 10,400 mAh of charging power, respectively, for juicing up your iPhones and iPads. Each is available in black or white.

Grace Digital

This company has unveiled the $200 Bluetooth 4.0 Bookshelf Speakers, which can pair with up to eight different mobile devices. The speakers include a USB port for charging your iPhone or iPad while playing music, and they come in three colors: white, red, or black.

Grantwood Technology

The $30 FM Transmitter and Car Charger for Mobile Devices is pretty much exactly what it name describes: Plug the cable on this device into your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack, and the Transmitter will play that audio through your car stereo. The accessory also includes a USB port for charging your iOS device while it plays.


The $8 Paperback is a small pad of 80 adhesive notes that attaches to the back of your iPhone 5. If you need to leave a note on somebody’s door, computer screen, or bulletin board, you’ll always have paper ready and waiting to get their attention.


Need a keyboard for your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch? The $69 Multi-Sync keyboard has got you covered. This versatile accessory connects to your Mac via USB and connects with up to three iOS devices via Bluetooth. (It can also connect to your Mac via Bluetooth, but it supports only three Bluetooth devices in total.)

The full-size keyboard includes a full complement of keys, including a numeric keypad and a slew of OS X and iOS special-function keys. You even get a fold-out stand for your iPhone or iPad.


It’s been a few months since we first told you about this company’s USB charge/sync cable shaped like a credit card. The company has since made one even more pocket-friendly: The $25 ChargeKey is shaped like (yes) a key and is designed to fit on your keychain, providing a USB plug on one end and a Lightning-connector plug on the other. The ChargeKey ships on November 30.


The $130 SpeeCup is a Bluetooth speaker that fits perfectly into your vehicle’s cup holder. (It looks a bit like a travel coffee mug, in fact.) The speaker offers up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge, and it has a range of 30 feet for streaming audio from your iPhone or iPad.


Wacom has introduced second-generation versions of its popular styluses, the $30 Bamboo Stylus Solo (pictured) and the $35 Bamboo Stylus Duo. The former is equipped with a replaceable rubber nib and a protective cap to cover it when not in use; the latter has a rubber nib on one side and a ballpoint pen (for paper) on the other.


This company has announced several products compatible with the new iPhone 5c and 5c, including the $15 (and up) Invisible Shield line of surface protection, the $25 iFrogz Chemistry case, the $25 LiveWire case (for the 5c only); the $40 Zaggsparq battery, and the $23 iFrogz Coda earphones.

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