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The iPhone 5s will also take note of its own movement. If the phone hasn’t moved for some time, it will reduce the amount of time it spends querying the network for data, thereby saving energy. Nifty stuff, but I suspect that some clever app developers out there will find much better uses for the M7’s data. And at the very least, we should finally make the iPhone able to act as an accurate pedometer all on its own.

Bottom line

The existence of the iPhone 5c as a second new iPhone in Apple’s product line gives the iPhone 5s some breathing room. It doesn’t have to be the one and only iPhone. Instead, it can be the high-end model, packed with new features that will spread throughout Apple’s product line in the future—but for now, are exclusive to the 5s.

The iPhone 5s continues Apple’s relentless iteration, with the company adding several cutting-edge technologies into the product line, impressively improving on last year’s model while utterly blowing away the features of the two-year-old phones owned by users who are ready to upgrade. Rather than tossing a couple of dozen half-finished features into a new model and hoping for the best, Apple has focused on a few specific areas. It has combined its hardware knowledge with its software expertise, and done an impressive job of making the new features elegant and usable.

Meet the new iPhone. It looks a lot like the old one, but inside it’s a whole new ballgame.

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At a Glance
  • The iPhone 5s may look a lot like its predecessor. But with a faster new processor, a fingerprint sensor, and an improved camera flash, it's a serious upgrade.


    • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
    • Camera flash adjusts to ambient light temperature
    • Big speed improvement over iPhone 5


    • Screen still feels small next to other high-end phones
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