The Week in iOS Apps: Cat on a hot tin app

This week's roundup features new and old ways of gaming on your iOS device. Like sports, adventures, dieting cats? We've probably got something for your tastes.

Game on

This week's roundup features new and old ways of gaming on your iOS device. Like sports, adventures, dieting cats? We've probably got something for your tastes.

Cat on a Diet

Meow hear this: The $1 Cat on a Diet features a cat, Dr. Meow, who does not want to be on a diet. While his owner sleeps, the cat sneaks into an obstacle-laden kitchen in search of the cookie jar. Not recommended for iPhone and iPad users currently on Weight Watchers.


Netflix needs no introduction at this point, but this week’s update is definitely worth noting—movies and TV shows can now be streamed in HD from your iOS device, and the app is now compatible with AirPlay.

NBA 2K14

The $8 NBA 2K14 updates a long-running franchise for iPhone and iPad, but it doesn’t necessarily improve it. The gameplay is a little smoother, but the game commentary from TV announcers in previous versions is gone. Last year’s version let you choose a game mode that followed the career paths of several all-time great players, including Michael Jordan; this year you can do that only with LeBron James. The best reason to pay for the new version? The game has the most recent NBA rosters.

Ninjump Deluxe

Ninjump Deluxe features all the classic elements of the Ninjump game—ninjas, jumping—but the deluxe edition for iPhone features three levels that include castles, pirates, and jungles. In-app purchases of “power-ups” and “shields” will help you get farther, easier. This week’s update brings the app up to full compatibility with iOS 7.

Shadowrun Returns

The $10 Shadowrun Returns features a Blade-Runner-meets-The-Hobbit storyline—elves and dwarves haunt the dystopian cyberpunk future ruled by fearsome corporations. Your character is a mercenary who gets jobs done (use Batman voice here) “by any means necessary.”


Slowcam does exactly what you think it does—record videos at high frame rates so they can be played back in slow motion. This week’s update adds support for the iPad and iPad mini, and automatically adjusts to use the maximum frame rate allowed by whichever iOS device you’re using.


This free video chatting app for iPhone and iPad tries to add new dimensions to services already provided by FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts—users can zoom or pan out the video of themselves, doodle on video of their friends, and share photos and third-party videos while chatting away with all their buddies.


TripIt for iPhone and iPad has always been a useful, free travel organizer for the iPhone—the latest update, while including some adjustments for the launch of iOS 7, also features a new “card view” of your itinerary, displayed when you need to see it, and easily swiped so that you can look ahead at future items on your travel schedule.

Hulu Plus

Alien Blue, the Reddit client for iOS, was updated with some fixes for its iOS 7 version … Hulu Plus has been updated for use with Google’s Chromecast … and Rdio is making its radio stations available free thorough its iOS app.

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