Some iPhone 5s users sing the blues over iWork bug

Some iPhone 5s users have discovered a rather unwelcome Easter egg on their new phones: a “blue screen of death.”

Several 5s users on Apple’s support forums say the bug crops up in iOS 7 when they double-tap the iPhone’s Home button to switch from an iWork app. As this YouTube video shows, the phone's screen briefly flashes to blue, and the phone then restarts.

True to Apple form, it is a rather clean and simple blue screen, a far cry from the cluttered Windows error messages of yesteryear.

Fortunately, a couple of possible workarounds have been discovered: Users can either exit back to their documents list before opening the app switcher, or they can disable iCloud syncing of iWork data.

iOS 7 is a major overhaul of Apple’s mobile operating system, so a few bugs are to be expected. In addition to the blue screen of death, some users are having trouble with iMessage—a problem that Apple has already promised to fix.

The revamped operating system is causing some headaches for app developers as well. Citing performance-tracking firm Crittercism, All Things D reports that apps are crashing twice as often on the iPhone 5s compared to other models.

On the bright side for iPhone users, Apple is being aggressive about fixing these errors, and has already pushed out two updates to iOS 7 since launch. Those who have a perverse love of the blue screen of death should enjoy it on the iPhone while it lasts.

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