The Week in iOS Apps: Image is everything

This week's roundup of iOS apps features plenty of new ways to make your iPhone images, moving or still, way cooler than they already are. Read on.

Image is everything

This week's roundup of iOS apps features plenty of new ways to make your iPhone images, moving or still, way cooler than they already are. Read on.


Every week seems to bring a great new video app to iOS. Chromic, a free offering for iPhone, is the latest entry in an increasingly crowded field. Users will probably want to spend $5 on an in-app purchase to get the complete package of 62 video filters, though you can spend just $1 apiece on smaller packages of effects; it’s like Instagram for iPhone movies.

Dream Chamber

The $5 Dream Chamber is an animated detective game for iPad that puts players in the shoes of Charlie, “ a private detective and rich heir,” like Matt Houston—only more from the Prohibition Era than the 1980s. The task: To solve the mystery of who robbed Charlie’s girlfriend.


Fancy, the free shopping app for iPhone and iPad, is still in the business of letting users virtually window-shop for luxury goods and famous brands—and this week’s update makes Fancy even, ahem, fancier: Users in select cities can now get same-day delivery of the beautiful items they order through the app.


Gneo is a $3 get-things-done app for iPhone and iPad, distinguished by its simple-but-elegant user interface. Users can keep their schedules, prioritize their to-do lists, and set reminders within the app—and they can sync all of those actions with their Evernote account.

Level Money

Level Money is a free iPhone app that helps users stay on budget with a simple graphic reminder: A circle that fills with color the closer it gets to hitting your budget limit. Users can eyeball their current status without having to do any math in their heads. The app is currently supported by more than 100 of America’s top banks, making integration of financial information a relatively easy task.


Skimbox is the latest iPhone email client attempting to help users get to that mythical “inbox zero,” letting them distribute important email to the “mainbox,” less-important items to the “skimbox,” and everything else to trash or archives. Swiping gestures help users get through the stack of email quickly.

Slow Fast Slow

The $2 Slow Fast Slow video app for iPhone lets users shoot at high frame rates—up to 120 frames per second on the iPhone 5s—to manipulate their speed on playback. Now users can create their own slow-motion sports highlights using their iPhones; a “pitch control” feature means the audio can also slow down without distorting voices into a low, Darth Vader-style register.

Twitter/Tweetbot 3

Twitter for iPhone and iPad (pictured) has been updated so that media like photos and video can be viewed within the timeline, instead of whisking users to a new window. Tweetbot 3 is a $3 Twitter client for iPhone that launched this week, redesigned for iOS 7 and including mute filters, native push notifications, and support for a number of read-it-later services.

Other app of note

Snapseed now offers an HDR filter … Vine has been updated with new privacy features … and NBA Game Time (pictured) has updated for the new season.

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