The Week in Mac Accessories: Open, Sesame!

This week's roundup of new Mac gear includes a device that ensures that your MacBook works only when you're nearby. Plus, we've got new keyboards, new speakers, and more.

Open, Sesame!

This week's roundup of new Mac gear includes a device that ensures that your MacBook works only when you're nearby. Plus, we've got new keyboards, new speakers, and more.


The $40 Sesame Wireless Lock automatically locks your Mac when you walk away—and wakes it up when you return. It’s an anti-theft companion that does away with cables and locks by simply making your computer inaccessible for use unless you’re nearby with the Sesame device (hung around your neck or in your pocket).

If you’re especially security-conscious, you can have your computer require two-factor authentication—the return of the Sesame device and the entry of a pass code.


The $249 A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers—an update to the well-regarded A2—provide “excellent sound with elegant simplicity.” The new version includes a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that allows you to send high-quality digital audio direct from your computer’s USB port to the speakers. The A2+ delivers 60 watts of power, meaning you’ll get a powerful sound experience despite the tiny desktop footprint.


The $90 Shortcut Keyboard is “the world's first keyboard to offer combined shortcuts for Microsoft Office” with the shortcut instructions pasted right onto the keys themselves. (If you’re wondering, yes, this keyboard works with Macs.) Your keyboard purchase comes with 30 days of free online video-assisted training in using the keyboard.


The $150 Boa Shift is a backpack built for laptop toting, but it also has pop-out pockets for your iPhone. It comes with its own ID number; register that ID with Booq’s Terralinq service, and you may find it easier to recover the bag if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Cambridge Audio

The $189 DacMagic XS is a USB-powered (and -connected) digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that, according to Cambridge Audio, dramatically improves the quality of all digital audio streaming from your computer. It can be connected to your home stereo system or quality desktop speakers, but it also has a portable headphone amp built in, so you can get better sound no matter where you are.


OK, so Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation isn’t really a Mac accessory. But it’s a nice luxury item for Apple’s many fans. The 350-page books features more than 650 beautiful shots of Apple products from the last three-plus decades, including rare pics of prototypes that never made it to Apple Store shelves.


The $129 SimpleDock turns one of your Mac’s USB 3.0 ports into three USB ports plus a Gigabit Ethernet jack. But it also adds a place to rest your iPhone and a full-power (10 Watt/2.1 Amp) power port for charging that phone—or even an iPad sitting on your desk.

Peripheral Logix

The $109 Oyster Mouse Adjustable Mouse is focused on ergonomics, but unlike most “ergonomic” mice, it works equally well for both left- and right-handed computer users. It offers five different angles so you can find the most-comfortable fit.


The K’1 is billed as “the world’s smallest USB 3.0 key,” and it’s almost impossible a USB drive could come much smaller: Once plugged in, the K’1 adds only 5mm to the profile of your MacBook. The drive comes in two versions: 32GB for 35€, or 64GB for 65€. The company hasn’t yet said when the K’1 will be offered directly to U.S. consumers.


The $50 MacWood Keyboard is a set of wooden keytops you can place on your Mac’s actual keys. (The keytops apply with an adhesive that is, according to the company, “easily removable and leaves no residue behind.) The set comes in rosewood or bamboo, and can be ordered with or without cutouts that allow your keys’ backlighting to shin through.

Rickshaw Bagworks

The $180 Commuter 2.1 is an update to the company’s popular water-resistant laptop bag. The Commuter holds laptops up to 15 inches in size, and it’s endlessly customizable—the company offers dozens of color combinations for the exterior, the binding, and even the label so that your bag can have a unique flair.

One feature any busy traveler will appreciate: The bag’s semi-rigid frame lets it stand up on its own, making it easy to access the bag’s contents.


The $45 Smart Travel Router is designed for international travelers, fitting “into four of the most common plug configurations used around the world.” It works in four different Wi-Fi network modes: as a router, a repeater, an access point, or a client.

The device offers both an AC plug and a powered USB port for charging your electronic devices (you can charge two devices at once, and the prongs retract for easy stowing.

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