The Week in Mac Apps: Perspective is everything

In this week's Mac app roundup, we have apps that help you find some perspective (and correct it), organize your life (and your business), and even discover your family's ancestry.

Perspective is everything

In this week’s Mac app roundup, we have apps that help you find some perspective (and correct it), organize your life (and your business), and even discover your family’s ancestry.

Amazon CloudPlayer 1.0

Amazon’s free CloudPlayer has finally landed on OS X, giving you the ability to manage and organize (and, of course, buy) all your music in one convenient location that synchronizes with your other devices and the Web.

The app is compatible with versions of OS X as old as 10.6, and works on both 32- and 64-bit architectures.

Dayspring 1.0

If you’re looking for an RSS reader for your Mac, look no further than Bread and Butter Software’s $3 Dayspring, which sports a three-pane interface similar to Mail’s, and is even enhanced for Retina displays.

Dayspring includes a built-in browser that allows you to explore your news without leaving the app, supports background syncing, and is fully compatible with OS X Mavericks.

DxO Perspective 1.0.1

If you like (or need) to take pictures of large objects, like buildings and monuments, DxO’s $20 Perspective (Mac App Store link) helps you correct the distortion introduced by perspective and lens construction into your photos.

Designed to be simple to use and largely automated, the app can adjust the perspective, distortion, and alignment of most photos, and includes a set of fine adjustments to help you achieve that picture-perfect look every time.

iMonitor 1.0

Halfbit’s iMonitor (Mac App Store link) will help you keep an eye on your Mac’s every major vital sign: CPU, disk, network activity, and memory.

The $3 app features both a standalone screen and a minimalistic display that sits right in your menu bar.

iThoughtsX 1.10

Keeping your thoughts organized is a cinch with ToketaWare’s iThoughtsX (Mac App Store link), a mind-mapping software designed to help you go from idea to reality.

The app supports a variety of usage scenarios, from office meetings to personal improvement, and comes with a number of sharing and exporting functions.

mInventory 1.0

Keeping track of a large inventory is a simple—and yet surprisingly complex—task. Meg Software’s $40 mInventory simplifies managing large collections of a variety of items, including complex built-to-order products that are made up of several parts.

mInventory can also help you keep track of sales and shipping processes, and produce a variety of reports that let you keep tabs on things.

TuneUp 1.0

No matter how organized you are, your iTunes collection is bound to have a few problems: mislabeled songs, missing cover art, duplicates, and so forth. TuneUp will help you get things back on track, with the ability to automatically find and repair tunes that are not in top shape.

TuneUp comes with a free trial that includes the ability to correct up to one hundred songs, after which you can either hand over $40 for a yearly subscription, or make a one-time $50 payment that sets you up for life.

Unibox 1.0

Dubbed a “people-centric e-mail client,” Eightloop’s Unibox (Mac App Store link) is a new way to organize your messages; it’s based on the people you correspond with.

It features a powerful search engine, support for unified accounts, and a great new way to organize all your attachments in a grid for easy viewing.

Other app updates

Cocoatech’s $40 Path Finder has been updated to support OS X Mavericks and its new tagging capabilities … Houdah Software’s $29 HoudahSpot includes several new features, including more templates and the ability to merge its tags with Mavericks’ … and Synium’s $50 MacFamilyTree (Mac App Store link) has been updated to version 7.1.1, which includes several new website themes, a number of bug fixes, and localization improvements for German, French, and Swedish.

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