The Week in Mac Apps: Where no flare has gone before

In this week's Mac app roundup, you'll find software destined to explore new worlds, fix your photos, help you build some forms, and even find out everything you could possibly ever want to know about your Mac.

Where no flare has gone before

In this week’s Mac app roundup, you’ll find software destined to explore new worlds, fix your photos, help you build some forms, and even find out everything you could possibly ever want to know about your Mac.

1Password 4.0.8

AgileBits’s 1Password (App Store Link) has been updated with a few minor—but significant—changes.

In addition to several bug fixes, the company has improved its $50 password manager by making backups more resilient, syncing faster, and license management easier.

Dru 1.4

Alecmedia’s $17 Dru (App Store Link) helps you design forms, vector images, and page layouts.

In addition to numerous bug fixes and improvements, the latest release of the app adds a dozen or so new features, including support for multi-point gradients, full screen editing, and quick key shortcut combinations.

Fantastical 1.3.11

Flexibits’s $20 Fantastical (App Store Link) has received a small update that solves a few important issues, including incompatibilities with iCloud and OS X Mavericks.

The new release of the popular app also addresses several performance problems, and improves interoperation with Microsoft’s Outlook.

iSplash 2 1.1

A picture is worth a thousand words—and color is what makes pictures special. T-bone’s $2 iSplash 2 (App Store Link) makes it easy to manipulate your picture’s color saturation and tones in order to bring out their natural beauty.

With support for a dozen or so different effects, this app is an inexpensive way to add a bit more life to otherwise dull pictures.

Launcher 2.0

Nulana’s Launcher (App Store Link) has undergone a redesign that makes the app compatible with OS X Mavericks and Retina displays.

Launcher—a free app—supports a number of different options that make accessing your apps and documents easier, including the ability to write your own scripts that perform complex actions at the drop of a hat (or, as it were, of a key).

LensFlare Studio 2.4

If you ever feel the need to unleash your inner J.J. Abrams, BrainFever Media’s $20 LensFlare Director (App Store Link) is probably the right app for you.

LensFlare Studio supports over one hundred different effects, including bokeh and other visual trickery.

Mactracker 7.2

Developer Ian Page’s popular (and free) Mactracker (App Store Link) holds a frequently-updated database of just about every device and computer ever released by Apple.

The app’s latest version introduces support for OS X Mavericks, and adds nearly a dozen new models to its catalog.

Meetings 1.4.4

As its name ever-so-subtly suggests, Exquisitus’s $13 Meetings (App Store Link) is designed to help you get a handle on your meetings, from scheduling all the way to keeping minutes.

The latest update introduces improved compatibility with OS X Mavericks, numerous fixes, and a couple of new features that allow you to better interact, sort, and organize your meeting details.

Shortcuts 2.0

Nulana’s $10 Shortcuts (App Store Link) aims at helping you create quick global shortcuts that can be used to access just about any function that your computer has to offer—from interacting with iTunes to opening your favorite documents.

Version 2.0 of the app introduces support for OS X Mavericks and Retina displays, in addition to improved compatibility with iTunes.

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