Apple promises 'the Friday you've waited all year for' in Black Friday teaser

No need to ceaselessly refresh Apple’s online store in your browser between now and Friday to see if the company is joining the rest of the retail world in rolling out post-Thanksgiving discounts. Apple confirmed it’s holding a one-day sale this Friday in a Black Friday teaser on both its website and via an email to customers.

You know, just in case you thought the world’s most valuable brand was going to sit out the holiday shopping season.

The sale—billed by Apple as “the Friday you’ve waited all year for”—kicks off online after midnight Pacific time. Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores will also be offering deals on Friday.

Apple’s Black Friday teaser doesn’t offer much in the way of details about discounts. But hey—free shipping!

Precisely what kinds of deals is a little less clear. Apple doesn’t specify what’s going on sale—that’s why they call it a teaser, friends—or what the discounts will be. If past Apple Black Friday offerings are any indication, however, don’t expect to walk away from Apple’s sale with any kind of prices-so-low-you’ll-fear-for-Tim-Cook’s-sanity-type deals. Previous Apple sales have offered modest discounts on its own products and accessories, along with some savings on third-party offerings.

Apple is offering free shipping for Friday shoppers. And if you’re the sort who craves near-instant gratification, the company is touting the opportunity to buy gifts online and pick them up in person at an Apple Retail Store.

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