The Week in iOS Accessories: Gold syncer

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes a little bit of gold to go with your new iPhone 5s. Of course, we've also got speakers, bags, and more items to make your gear more useful.

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Gold syncer

This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes a little bit of gold to go with your new iPhone 5s. Of course, we've also got speakers, bags, and more items to make your gear more useful.

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The $150 Python slimpack is made for photography-loving iPad owners. The bag holds, according to the company, two DSLRs and up to four mid-size lenses, as well as one large zoom lens, tripod and a up to a 10-inch iPad. A rubberized bottom fortifies the bag and allows it to stand upright on its own to allow easy access your gear.

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Cooler Master

The $30 JAS mini is an aluminum stand made to support the iPad mini or the iPhone. The silver compliments the color of your iOS device, while adjustable screen-height settings allow you to use your phone or tablet in comfortable hands-free fashion. Anti-slip rubber feet hold your device in place on any desk or table top.

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The i-FlashDrive was originally billed as a “two-way storage device between iOS and Mac/PC,” letting you connect the two devices and share files between them. PhotoFast has since expanded the functionality of the drive, letting you connect iOS and Android devices to share photos, movies, and other type of data between platforms—sort of like Dropbox, but in hardware form. The basic 16 GB model starts at $149.

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Positive Grid

The $80 JamUp Plug HD is a “studio grade” digital-audio interface meant to bridge guitars and iOS devices and create pro-level recordings using apps such as GarageBand and JamUp Pro XT. The device comes equipped with a quarter-inch input jack and 1/8-inch output connector for headphones or powered speakers, making it useful for performance and rehearsal alike.

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The $30 X-Presenter is a laser pointer that plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack. It’s designed for making presentations before large groups; it works in conjunction with the X-Presenter Smart App or with PowerPoint or Keynote. It’s just 1.6 inches long, making it easy to slip in your pocket when the presentation is over.

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Eighties audiophiles will recognize the Nakamichi brand, but they may not recognize the company’s current product line, which no longer includes mega-pricey cassette decks. The $69 Shockwave Bluetooth Speaker can run up to seven hours on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery. It can stream tunes or movie audio wirelessly, or it can be used as a speakerphone when paired with your iPhone. It comes with a Micro-USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a power adapter.

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The $20 Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Button Self-Timer for iOS is—as are all of USBFever’s products—exactly what the name says it is: A “Bluetooth remote control camera shutter self-timer, facilitating self photo-taking, without installing any software.” The built-in lithium battery lets you take up to 60,000 photos on each charge, each at a range of up to 10 meters from your iOS device. Also new from USBFever? The $115 iPad Floor Stand with USB Socket for Charging.

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Woodford Design

One senses that Donald Trump has already ordered his $25 Gold Lightning Sync Cable, which is, yes, gold, and, yes, a Lightning-connector sync cable. It’s made to accompany the gold iPhone 5s, of course. What else is there to say? It’s gold.

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The $200 TSX-B72 looks like an old-school clock radio. But it of course has the 21st-century twist of Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from your iPhone or iPad. It also includes an AM/FM radio, as well as a USB charging port on the top panel.

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