iPhoto 9.5.1 update fixes problem with print previews

If you're an iPhoto user who's noticed something amiss with print previews, oh boy does Apple have an update for you!

iPhoto 9.5.1, a free update released on Wednesday, fixes an issue that the company says could cause print previews to render incorrectly. And, because it's a software update from Apple, the release notes also tout stability and performance improvements. The download weighs in at around 55MB.

iPhoto for OS X costs $15, but is free for those who own iPhoto '11 or who've purchased a new Mac recently.

At a Glance
  • iPhoto 9.5 has a number of solid improvements to recommend it, but its aging look and feel will surprise and disappoint some users.


    • Enhaned iCloud photo sharing
    • 64-bit support promises improved launch times and large-image handling
    • Simplified printing interface makes printing photos easier
    • Apple Maps provides an attractive and accurate backdrop for geotagged images


    • Overall interface needed a refresh but remains almost unchanged
    • Lacks snazzy new features expected to accompany launch of landmark OS
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