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What your manufacturer’s warranty doesn't cover

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When you buy a fancy new smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other essential electronic device, the last thing you’re likely to think about is the warranty. You probably know that most such devices are covered for a year, but what kind of coverage are you really getting? Does it cover the most common catastrophes? And what happens when it expires? Let’s take a look at some of the frequent problems encountered in the electronics world and whether or not a standard manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind.

Broken screen

Gravity happens, and when it happens to a piece of electronics, the result is very often a cracked or totally shattered screen. But just as a car manufacturer won’t repair a dented fender, an electronics company won’t fix your busted display. Because gravity-related mishaps aren’t covered by standard warranties.

Covered? No.

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System failure

Laptop won’t boot? Tablet won’t turn on? Smartphone screen doesn’t respond to taps? Problems like these are most likely related to hardware, in which case the manufacturer will almost certainly repair or replace the device.

Covered? Yes.


Water and electronics can be a deadly mix--for the electronics. And although it’s fairly rare for a laptop or tablet to end up underwater, smartphones routinely find themselves swimming in toilet bowls, washing machines, maybe even the lake you jumped in without remembering to empty your pockets. Sadly, standard warranties don’t cover water damage.

Covered? No.


Laptops are prime targets for thieves, who grab them from cars, coffee shops, even airport security lines. According to a 2012 study from computer-accessories maker Kensington, a laptop gets stolen every 53 seconds. That’s a sobering thought, but this one is even worse: your laptop warranty isn’t going to help you.

Covered? No.

Accidents and natural disasters

Every single person who suffered a property loss from fire, tornado, even earthquake or hurricane had one thing in common: They never thought it would happen to them. But it does happen, alas, and there’s not a manufacturer’s warranty on the planet that will cover your damaged or destroyed device.

Covered? No.

In case it’s not abundantly clear by now, your warranty needs help. Whatever coverage came with your device is insufficient to protect it against everyday disasters. So if you’re really looking or peace of mind, look into an extended electronics warranty, a policy that covers everything your standard warranty doesn’t – including each of the common complaints listed above.

To learn more about the common dangers your devices face and what you can do to keep them safe, check out this infographic from Worth Ave Group.

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