The Week in Mac Apps: All together now

This week's Mac app roundup brings you a way to make cut-and-paste smarter, an app that keeps your personal bits secure, and one that helps you organize them like a pro.

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All together now

This week's Mac app roundup brings you a way to make cut-and-paste smarter, an app that keeps your personal bits secure, and one that helps you organize them like a pro.

And that's before we even start telling you about the app that helps you keep tabs on your time, or the one that helps you track your investments!


1Password 4.1.2

AgileBits has updated its popular password manager 1Password (Mac App Store Link), providing several new bits of functionality, such as improved CSV data import, and a number of bug fixes.

The update is free for current owners, but a new copy of the software will set you back a very worthwhile $50.


Collective 2.0

Generation Loss Interactive's $1 Collective (Mac App Store Link) is an inexpensive way to keep tabs on the contents of your clipboard by maintaining a history of your copied items that you can then paste back on demand.

The app supports a custom global hotkey shortcuts and a large variety of different data formats; it can even maintain a “blacklist” of apps you don't want it to interfere with.


iCompta 5.0.4

LyricApps's $22 iCompta (Mac App Store Link) helps you track your finances with a simple and intuitive interface.

The app's latest release includes support for managing your investment accounts, can now import and export data in a variety of formats, and provides a number of bug fixes.


mTicker 1.6

If you're serious about your investments, Meg Software's $8 mTicker helps you track stocks, with support for notifications and even iCloud syncing.

The app also offers charts and an up-to-date newsfeed, and can even help you keep an eye on after-hours trading.


OmniOutliner 4.0

OmniOutliner (Mac App Store Link), the Omni Group's venerable app that helps you collect and organize all sorts of information in a structured fashion, has been updated to version 4. The latest release features a slew of new functionality, including multiple columns and sections, styling, attachments, and much more.

The base app costs $50; a Pro version, which includes AppleScript support and advanced styling options, is available as a $50 in-app purchase.


Timing 1.3.4

Time wasters beware! Developers Thomas Osthege and Daniel Alm are on your case with their $5 Timing (Mac App Store Link) app, which keeps track of the various activities you undertake while using your Mac.

The app catalogs everything from the length of your work session to the time you spend goofing off on social media—a great way to improve your habits and become more productive.


Together 3.1.5

True to its name, Reinvented Software's $40 Together 3 (Mac App Store Link) keeps all your snippets of text, images, movies, sounds, and other media in one place where you can easily categorize and search them at your leisure.

The app support a wide range of functionality, including tagging, multiple tabs, and iCloud sync.


TypeMetal 1.2

Designed to be both a professional-grade writing tool and a quick notetaking app, Coherence Labs's $30 TypeMetal (Mac App Store Link) allows you to create complex HTML, and provides advanced keyboard shortcuts to handle all the various tags.

The app also features a “style loupe” that allows you to examine the formatting that's being applied to a particular element on your documents and edit its HTML properties.

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Bits and bytes

MindSense's $10 Mail Pilot (Mac App Store Link) wants to help you manage your e-mail better by using a simple, task-oriented approach that focuses on getting things done rather than getting lost in a sea of messages … speaking of e-mail, Aidaluu's $10 Awesome Mails helps you build great templates and turn your message into colorful, animated adventures for your recipients.

Synium's $50 MacFamilyTree has received minor updates that improve compatibility with OS X Mavericks and reduce the likelihood of crashes … and, on the subject of family, Acepricot's $30 Home Budget Soft, designed to help you manage your finances in an intuitive and hassle-free way, has been updated to version 1.1 with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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