The Week in Mac apps: Green and fuzzy

There's a bit of retro goodness in this week's app roundup, with a text editor that will bring you back to a time when monitors were curved and text was both green and fuzzy.

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Green and fuzzy

There's a bit of retro goodness in this week's app roundup, with a text editor that will bring you back to a time when monitors were curved and text was both green and fuzzy. Throw in some color grading, a Twitter client, a bit of mind mapping, and a professional chart design tool, and you've got yourself the beginning of a grand adventure in the world of Mac software.


Blinky 2.0.3

Retro warning! Secret Geometry's $5 Blinky (Mac App Store Link) is a text editor designed to look like the computer displays of old.

Gimmicky? Maybe, but also a lot of fun. The app supports dozens of old-school effects, like curvature distortion, ghosting, and much more, all of which are sure to make typing up your documents more enjoyable.


Cloud Commander 3.7.1

De Voorkant's $5 Cloud Commander keeps all your cloud-connected accounts in one place, and helps your manage their contents through a simple and intuitive interface.

It supports everything from Box to Dropbox, with SkyDrive, Google Drive, Flickr, Picasa, and much more in between.


DaVinci Resolve Light 10.1.1

Blackmagic Design's free DaVinci Resolve Lite (Mac App Store Link) brings professional-level color grading to your fingertips, with a simple interface that allows you to control every aspect of your video's color at the click of a mouse.

It supports dozens of video formats—including those used by consumer, prosumer, and professional cameras—and can manipulate videos shot in 32-bit color spaces.


Echofon 1.8.4

Ubermedia's $10 Echofon Twitter client (Mac App Store Link) has received a very minor update that contains a very major bug fix.

The app's direct-messaging feature can now receive correspondence that contains pictures without crashing—which, if you frequently exchange photos and screenshots with your colleagues, is a big improvement.


Evernote 5.5.0

Evernote's popular flagship OS X app (Mac App Store Link) has received an update that contains a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, in addition to a major new feature called “descriptive search.”

This new search mechanism allows to you find notes and attachments using a simple natural language interface—for example, you can type “notes with PDFs” to look for entries that contain enclosures in that format. Now, if I could only enter “Find that note I wrote in the place with the thing I can't quite remember now,” my life would be complete.


OmniGraffle 6.0.4

Despite the minor version bump, The Omni Group's $100 OmniGraffle (Mac App Store Link) charting and diagramming software has received dozens of bug fixes and stability updates in its latest revision.

Among the more notable changes, print layouts no longer affect on-video display, very large shape trees are handled better, and a number of crashes caused by file manipulation have been addressed.


Priority Matrix 2.3.2

Appfluence's $30 Priority Matrix (Mac App Store Link) uses proven time-management techniques to help you stay on top of your to-do list without losing your sanity.

The app divides your tasks in four “quadrants,” each with a dedicated level of criticality and immediateness that varies from “do it now” to “urgent but not delegated,” and features companion iOS apps that help you keep track of items on the go.


QuickNode 1.0

If, at times, your mind feels like a jumble of thoughts without beginning or end, Fresh Squeezed Apps's $10 Quick Node is designed to help you figure things out by mapping the contents of your brain.

The app's super-simple interface helps you create ideas and connect them in an intuitive manner, with support for an elegant theme and multiple styles.

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Bits and bytes

Developer Bastian Rössle's $2 Tab Browser keeps your favorite websites ready to load at the click of a mouse, right in your menu … Xelaton's $3 SizeMyPics helps convert and resize all your pictures through convenient batch operations that require minimal setup.

ACT Productions's $7 Clockwise helps you keep tabs on important events by sitting in your menu and triggering different actions at particular times … No Thirst Software's $50 MoneyWell, designed to manage your personal finances, has been updated to version 2.3.3, which includes dozens of improvements and fixes to everything from reporting to banking data imports.

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