The Week in iOS Apps: Weather, or not

This week's roundup of apps includes not one but two great weather apps getting major upgrades. Plus: offerings for science lovers, math lovers, and late-night TV watchers.

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Weather, or not

This week’s roundup of apps includes not one but two great weather apps getting major upgrades. Plus: offerings for science lovers, math lovers, and late-night TV watchers.

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Adobe VideoBite

This free video-editing app for the iPhone makes it easy to create short movies and share them to social media. It’s been through several updates in recent weeks, including a re-designed editing panel that makes it even easier to trim clips and add effects, as well as to use still photos in the movie. Other updates let users add opening and closing titles, as well as incorporate music from your iTunes library or from tracks pre-loaded in the app.

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Calzy, the $1 “smart calculator” app, has been redesigned for iOS 7—calculations can be shared through AirDrop or bookmarked for later use. The app also now features light and dark modes, along with multiple color themes. Users can also turn sounds on and off, and the app now features the ability to input negative numbers via parenthesis, for example: 25 + (-5 + 2).

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Dinosaur Train A to Z

Based on the PBS Kids show, this $2 app for iPhone and iPad features a different dinosaur for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The app is narrated by Mr. Conductor; highlighted words throughout the app help build reading skills. Users can touch and swipe to feed the dinosaurs, explore dino X-rays, and learn more than 50 dinosaur facts.

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This free camera app does the inevitable, using the iPhone’s front and back cameras at the same time to capture both perspectives in a single image. The latest update includes a timer, as well as notifications to see who liked your photo and who followed your Frontback account. Photos are now full-screen, for maximum viewing pleasure.

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Science Today

This iPhone app feeds our nerdy sides: It features videos, photos, and articles from the California Academy of Sciences—about technology, the environment, space, and other areas of research.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

While he was at Late Night, Jimmy Fallon established himself as the host with the most social media savvy. So it’s no surprise his launch as host of The Tonight Show this week was accompanied by this free app. It features a look ahead to guests scheduled to appear within the week, video highlights from the show, and games that let users contribute to on-air skits.

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One of the coolest parts of this free weather app is its Spark lightning detection feature. Developers say the feature has been updated, providing “minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning strike information” from across the planet. Also new to the app? A revamped user interface.

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Weather Underground

This free weather app has been updated to include customization of the home screen, the added ability to submit reports of hazardous road conditions or view reports by people in your area, and the ability to share forecasts and maps with family and friends.

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Others of note

Haiku Deck now lets users create presentations on the iPhone … Prismatic (pictured) lets users save stories for later reading …  Encircle: Home Inventory has a number of improvements.

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