The Week in iOS Accessories: Stands that deliver

This week's roundup of accessories includes stands that make your iOS-using life easier, as well as Bluetooth speakers and the world's first made-for-iPhone hearing aid.


Stands that deliver

This week's roundup of accessories includes two stands (one for the iPhone, one for the iPad) that will make your iOS-using life easier. We've also got the usual assortment of Bluetooth speakers, as well as the world's first made-for-iPhone hearing aid.


Harman Kardon

The $500 Onyx streams music wirelessly via both Bluetooth and AirPlay. It features four 15-watt speakers, an advanced acoustic platform, and dual passive radiators. In other words, it’s supposed to sound as good as it looks.



The $69 Articulating Video Stand lets you take photos and video of objects on your desk or table, with a stand that keeps your iPhone or iPod touch stable to maintain distance and position. You can use it, for example, to record yourself drawing or solving math equations. The stand is adjustible, so you can shoot just about any kind of video you can think of.


Mobile Edge

This company has a number of new products available for charging your iPhone and iPad, including the $50 UrgentPower DX 5200 (pictured), a 5200 mAh battery; the $30 DualPower DX, a wall outlet with three standard outlets and two USB charging ports; the $20 DualPower 3.1 AC, which offers two USB-charging ports in a wall plug-in adapter; and the $15 DualPower 3.1 Auto, which is a similar product designed to be plugged into your car’s accessory-power port.



The $35 Jellybox is a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s built for style, as it comes in nine different colors. It also works as a speakerphone, with one-touch call answering and a built-in microphone.


ProComputing Products

The $179 Justand Tall is a floor stand for the iPad that's designed to serve a host of different functions: as a podium, a document scanner, and even a tripod for the iPad-as-camera. It has a strong-but-light aluminum base, making the stand easy to move around the office, room, or house.


Pyle Audio

The $127 Gator is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker system for your shower. You can stream audio from your iOS device, or even take phone calls thanks to the built-in microphone. The Gator has a 25-hour battery life, and it comes with a hook to hang the speaker from your showerhead.



The $100 Sanctuary4 charging station can power up to four iOS devices at once—or, if your family includes some non-Apple gear, can even power an Android device while your iPhone is busy charging next to it. The Santuary4 comes in white or black and provides 4 amps of power.



The ReSound Linx is the first “made for iPhone” hearing aid. It connects to any iOS device, letting you hear music, movies, phone calls, and any other device audio. The iPhone can also act as a microphone for the hearing aid, as well as a remote control for the hearing aid's volume level. There’s no word yet on how much the system will cost; interested customers can sign up at the website to be notified when the product hits the market.



Here’s an audio accessory that’s all about visual power: The Soundwall hides a Bluetooth speaker system behind a piece of art. Prices vary, but the cost of a single system—painting, speakers, and all—can land well north of $1,500.


Trimble Outdoors

The $149 TopoCharger has two great features: First, it’s a backup battery that doubles the life of your iPhone. Second, a special app lets you view detailed topographical maps stored in the case itself, letting you go off-grid without getting lost.

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