The Week in Mac Apps: Eureka

One of the apps in this week's Mac roundup may not let you discover a killer gamma ray, but it will certainly help you explain how it works if you do.

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One of the apps in this week’s Mac roundup may not let you discover a killer gamma ray, but it will certainly help you explain how it works if you do. Just in case “evil scientist” is not on the list of jobs you want to add to your résumé, we also have software that helps you keep your private data secure, manage your finances, plan road trips, and design interiors.


1Password 4.1.2

AgileBits’s $50 1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet (Mac App Store Link) is now at version 4.1.2, thanks to a recent update that introduces several improvements and bug fixes.

The app now provides better security when using OS X’s fast user switching feature, can import data from CSV files, and sports an improved Dropbox sync mechanism.


Archimedes 1.2.1

Developer Matt Rajca’s $10 Archimedes boldly attempts to answer the question that has haunted humankind since the dawn of moveable type: Can we devise a method of typesetting mathematical expressions that won't drive people mad?

The app mixes the popular Markdown format with a subset of the popular LaTeX typesetting language to make creating beautiful documents that contain all sorts of complex math not only easy but—dare we say it—fun.


Live Interior 3D 2.9.4

Belight Software’s $30 Live Interior 3D Standard Edition (Mac App Store Link) helps you build the house of your dreams (or someone else's, as the case may be) through a simple but effective interface.

Through a variety of two- and three-dimensional tools, the app makes it possible to design everything from living rooms to bathrooms using objects in a variety of formats. Real-time 3D renderings help you easily position and change every last item in your creation.


MailRaider Pro 2.0.8

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a .MSG file that you can't open, Pascal Harris’s $8 MailRaider Pro (Mac App Store Link) is made just for you.

The app can read and extract data from mail files saved in a variety of formats from various versions of Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s own calendaring and mail apps.


Momiji 1.2

Jay Fuerstenberg’s $6 Momiji is, in the developer’s own words, “bookmarking the way it should be.”

The app supports capturing and saving all your bookmarks into a single set of applications that automatically sync across every one of your devices, with support for the popular Pinboard service and compatibility with most major browsers.


OS X Server 3.1

The fine folks from Cupertino have updated their $20 OS X Server (Mac App Store Link) add-on to everyone’s favorite operating system.

The latest release improves the management of fonts, Wi-Fi settings, and device portal permissions, and includes a new Profile Manager for the company’s Device Enrollment Program.


Roadtrip Planner 1.5.1

Modesitt Software’s $9 Road Trip Planner helps you put some rubber to the road—even if only on your Mac's screen—by helping you plan multi-stop trips to anywhere in the world.

The app supports an unlimited number of stops, can help you pick the best route among different choices, and even calculates fuel costs for you.


SnapNDrag Pro 3.5

Yellow Mug Software’s $10 SnapNDrag Pro (Mac App Store Link) lets you take screenshots and organize them easily into the categories of your choice.

The app allows you to annotate your images using a seamless workflow, partition them into an arbitrary number of folders, and easily share them through e-mail or a variety of social media venues.


Bits and bytes

Mishimo’s $20 myNotes is a simple but well-designed note manager that helps you keep track of the important things in your life with an intuitive, Finder-like interface and many customization options. … If you're a freelancer and struggle to make sense of your finances, Teischl’s $30 Book’n’keep (Mac App Store Link) delivers powerful bookkeeping functionality in an easy-to-use package that handles everything from invoicing to P&L statements.

Azurcoding’s $5 CommandClip - Easy Clipboard Management keeps track of your clipboard history right in the menu bar, with a simple interface that helps you quickly copy and paste items in any sequence using a keyboard shortcut.

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