The Week in iOS Apps: On a Carousel

This week's roundup of iOS apps features two new apps for editing and sharing your photos. Plus updates to some of our favorite productivity apps and a chance to live in M.C. Escher's universe.

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On a Carousel

This week’s roundup of iOS apps features two new apps for editing and sharing your photos. There are also updates to some of our favorite productivity apps and a chance to live in M.C. Escher's universe.

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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom has arrived on the iPad, bringing high-level photo editing to the tablet. It can also sync pics to your desktop computer, as well as vice versa. Pro-level tools come with a pro-level cost, however: The app itself is free, but to use it (after a free 30-day trial, anyway) you’ll need to have a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service, which typically costs $50 per month.

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Buffer for Twitter and Facebook

Here’s a handy tool for all those “social media managers” out there: Buffer for Twitter and Facebook, the free iPhone app, lets you schedule and share posts to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and–all from one place, on your schedule. Version 3.0 brings a number of changes, including design updates for iOS 7, improved analytical tools, and an updated schedule editor.

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The free Starlog app for iPhone allows you to record detailed observations of the night sky in a simple fashion—just add the object you viewed, the time, and the equipment you used to see it, along with any notes you have on the topic. Now: Explore Jupiter via your telescope to your heart’s content.

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Caveman Feast

(Grunt grunt. Snort. Yabba dabba dooooo!) That’s Cro-Magnon talk for: If you’re a fan of the “paleo” eating craze then this $3 universal app featuring 200 illustrated paleo recipes is for you.

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Carousel by Dropbox

You’ve long been able to store and view your photos in Dropbox’s cloud-based storage service and its apps; the new free Carousel app for iPhone and iPad—besides, perhaps, reminding you of a misty-eyed Don Draper—is a native app to save, view, comment upon, and even share your pictures and videos.

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Version 2.0 of IFTTT, a free universal productivity app, has launched. It still connects social media, photo, and Web services, but it can now also access iOS’s notifications, and it boasts an iPad-specific interface. It also features a new “recipes collection” full of tricks for using the app to make your phone and tablet do the stuff you want.

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Monument Valley

Ever wish you could step through the looking glass and explore M.C. Escher’s world? Monument Valley, a $4 iPhone and iPad game, is as close as you’ll come until a real holodeck is invented. (Pro tip: You’ll probably want to wear headphones while playing.)

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Notability 5.2

When Notability for iPad debuted three years ago, we said: “If there’s a more complete note-taking app on the market than Notability, it’s not readily apparent.” Well, the app has now linked your audio recordings to the real-time notes that you take; on playback your writing, scribbles, and photos “come to life” as they sync with the lecture or interview you’re listening to. A great app just got better.

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Other apps of note

Klout for iPhone (pictured) has added a “personalized comment stream” … NPR News has been updated for iOS 7 … and Vimeo now has a search bar at the top of the main screen.

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