The Week in Mac Apps: Odyssey

This week's app roundup brings you a writing tool Homer would be proud of, some great ways to keep your data secure, and the ultimate recipe box.

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This week’s app roundup brings you a writing tool Homer would be proud of, some great ways to keep your data secure, and the ultimate recipe box.


1Password 4.3

AgileBits’s $50 1Password (Mac App Store Link) has received a massive update to match the release of a new version of its iOS counterpart.

1Password 4.3 includes new commands and shortcuts, improvements to the management of multiple vaults, and … far too many enhancements to list here.


Cear 1.1

Realmac’s $10 Clear (Mac App Store Link), designed to make managing your to-do list easy, is now at version 1.1, which includes a number of improvements, particularly when it comes to reminders and syncing.

Also part of this release are two new sound packs—one of which will bring you right back into the 8-bit era.


Delicious Recipes 1.8

Juicy Cocktail’s $13 Delicious Recipes (Mac App Store Link) wants to be your virtual recipe box, with support for storing and categorizing all your yummy food secrets.

The latest release of the app includes improvements to the user interface, enhanced compatibility with OS X Mavericks, and several performance improvements.


Easy Books 3.4.4

Geode Software Ltd’s Easy Books (Mac App Store Link) is a double-entry accounting package designed for professional bookkeepers.

It supports arbitrary ledgers, invoicing, time tracking, and can produce a number of reports. The app is free for the first 120 transactions, and can then be upgraded to the full version through a series of in-app purchases.


Garden Tracker 3.0

Although it’s hard to tell—at least by looking outside my window—spring is upon us, and with it the urge to make something of your backyard.

Portable Databases’s $8 Garden Tracker (Mac App Store Link) is designed for just this purpose: It lets you divide your yard into plots and decide what to plant where, as well as set up fertilization, watering, and harvesting schedules.


Notebooks 1.0.1

Developer Alfons Schmid’s $18 Notebooks (Mac App Store Link) helps you track your documents and files in a convenient package that makes organizing everything a breeze.

Better yet, the app sports an iOS counterpart that allows you to sync and take your data with you everywhere you go.


PhoneCall 1.0

Idea2inspire’s $3 PhoneCall connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and lets you manage your phone calls directly from the convenience of your Mac.

As you would expect, the app supports all the important phone functions, including making and answering calls, managing contacts, and dialing numbers.


Quiver 1.0

HappenApps’s $10 Quiver is a note-taking app designed for developers who want to keep track of their code snippets and quick tips.

It provides a convenient, code-aware text editor, tagging, and fast full-text search to quickly find what you need at any given time.

zzz omniplan

Bits and bytes

The Omni Group’s $200 project management app OmniPlan (Mac App Store Link) has been updated to version 2.3.5, which introduces some new security features and fixes several bugs—including a few crashers.

The Soulmen’s $45 text editor Ulysses III (Mac App Store Link) is now at version 1.2, with dozens of enhancements, such as the introduction of new goal-tracking and document-sorting features, and numerous bug fixes.

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