The Week in iOS Accessories: Beautiful batteries

This week's roundup of new iOS gear includes all kinds of power accessories. Some are powerful enough to jump-start your car, while others are small and colorful enough to act as fashion accessories.


Beautiful batteries!

This week's roundup of new iOS gear includes all kinds of power accessories. Some are powerful enough to jump-start your car, while others are small and colorful enough to act as fashion accessories.

charge and sync station mini 10 34


The $399 Charge and Sync Station Mini 10 does volume business, allowing you to charge and sync as many as 10 iOS devices at once. It's designed for use in a business setting—or for a big family. The 150W power adapter offers enough juice for a full 2.1 amps per port. For all that usefulness, though, it’s small and lightweight (just 2.15 pounds).

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Bayan Audio

The $300 Soundbook X3 is a Bluetooth speaker capable of putting out 20 watts of sound—and doing so for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It has a high-grade aluminum enclosure. It also offers FM radio with an integrated antenna, as well as speakerphone capabilities, and a USB port to charge your iPhone or iPad on the go.

jumpr necessary tool

Juno Power

The $90 JunoJumpr is designed to provide fresh power for your iPhone and iPad. But those aren’t the only mobile devices it’s useful for: The company says this 6,000-mAh battery is also ready to jumpstart your car if its battery is dead. That’s some serious power.

screen shot 2014 05 04 at 1.47.30 pm


The $100 Ultrathin for iPad Air and $90 Ultrathin for iPad mini are the latest versions of Logitech’s thin, light keyboard covers for Apple tablets. Each features a new multi-angle slot to let you tilt the iPad screen to the perfect angle for typing and other content creation.



Sometimes you want more than a keyboard for your iPad—you want an entire desk. MyKeyO’s Executive Resst is a six-in-one device: In addition to a Bluetooth keyboard it also features a  phone stand, business-card holder, a credit-card slot for online ordering, a stylus holder, and a pen stand. It’s made of dishwasher-safe material and it comes in one of nine colors. With an Apple Wireless Keyboard, you pay $310; bring your own, and it's just $230.

neptor np028k bl 2800mah portable battery charger yellow 258x185


The $40 Neptor 2800 mAh Battery Charger lets you take your backup battery power wherever you go. Just clip it to your keychain and it’s always available, with enough power (when fully charged) to offer two full charges for your iPhone. The Neptor comes in five different colors and includes a built-in flashlight.

untitled presentation

Smart Things

The $200 sDock Air is a wall mount for Lightning-equipped iPads. Once your tablet is inserted into the mount, the sDock can pivot for prime viewing, and can also be locked so that other observers can’t run off with your favorite gadget.

unnamed 2

Twelve South

The $35 HiRise is a Lightning-connector dock and stand for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It displays your device atop a vertical perch while offering charging and syncing capabilities. Twelve South has recently spruced up the HiRise by offering in a new color: “Tactical Black.”

screen shot 2014 05 04 at 12.31.48 pm


The $180 360° M6 Mode Retro Speaker is all about style, with a brushed-aluminium housing and leather carry handle. It also features an 1800 mAh battery that offers up to eight hours of playback time on a single charge, as well as a built-in microphone for use as a speakerphone in conjunction with your iPhone.



This health-monitoring company has introduced the $80 Tickr Run, a heart-rate monitor that relays measurements to your iPhone while you run. This version of the device is built especially for joggers: It evaluates your running form, and it measures stride rate, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and running cadence — all in an effort to mold you into the best runner you can be.



The $20 iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth Speaker is a lightweight in every sense of the word. Weighing less than an ounce and fitting on your keychain, it offers just two hours of music playback and less-than-ear-splitting volume levels. It’s built for quick tunes on the go.

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