Six helpful apps for cleaning your disgusting house

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The honorable mention: BrightNest      

So, your bathroom is clean, your Unfilth list is in control, your roommate has been assigned the kitchen, and your avatar is succeeding along their quest. Now what? Look to BrightNest (free, iOS; Android users should try Spring Cleaning Checklist) to tell you about all kinds of tasks, chores, crafts, and upgrades you can do around your home.

brightnest schedule

BrightNest gently reminds you about tasks you probably forget about. 

Instead of helping you schedule, assign, or complete chores, BrightNest is really more about giving you suggestions on a variety of tasks to help keep your home in tip-top shape. Divided into eight categories (healthy, green, savvy, curious, clean, handy, creative, and hungry), BrightNest tasks are presented in clean, bright, photo-heavy cards and might include anything from steps to maintain your fridge and freezer, crafts that you can do at home with chalkboard paint, closet organizational tips, or how to reuse green tea.

The bottom of each card has spots for you to tap a task as a favorite, schedule the task, mark it as complete, or delete it. BrightNest’s default screen shows a list of cards by week and includes a banner of suggestion questions at the top that you can answer to gain more targeted suggested tasks.

brightnest task directions

BrightNest's how-to guide breaks down new chores. 

Tapping on a card reveals step-by-step details on how to complete the task, a list of items required for the task, an estimate time to completion, and a difficulty level. Tapping on the menu button in the upper right allows you to search cards, filter tasks by category, or view favorite, completed and scheduled tasks. Your BrightNest account can also be accessed via the website, in case you’re not near your phone.

But here’s the thing: As much as I really like BrightNest’s clean, bright interface with all of its white space and brightly colored photos, and as much as I really would love to de-clutter my kitchen, or prep my grill, or learn how to make my towels fluffier, my more immediate concern is the huge pile of dirty laundry in the corner, and the collection of dust bunnies lurking under the bed. Which is to say, BrightNest is great if you’re already starting from a place of basic cleanliness and want to take it to the next level, but if you’re more in the eating-soup-out-of-a-mixing-cup-because-no-one-has-done-the-dishes-stage, it’s not going to be as helpful.

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