The Week in Mac Apps: Konnichiwa!

In this week's Mac app roundup, you'll find software with an international flair, a calculator like no other, and a view of the beautiful planet we live on.

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In this week’s Mac app roundup, you’ll find software with an international flair, a calculator like no other, and a view of the beautiful planet we live on.


Bike Tour Diary 1.0

Developer Jay Versluis’s Bike Tour Diary keeps track of your bike rides and displays them on an interactive map.

You can add route points, record the date and time of your trips, and import GPS data that you recorded with the iOS companion app.


Calca 1.2.2

Krueger Systems’s $5 Calca (Mac App Store Link) is a text editor that automatically computes calculations and solves equations as you type them.

An extension of the popular Markdown format allows you easily create rich documents that contain all sorts of formulas, which, in turn, are computed in real time using data taken from the documents themselves.


ColorEffectsStudio 2.0.0

HumanSoftware’s $7 ColorEffectsStudio 2 (Mac App Store Link) helps you create and apply all sorts of effects and filters to your photos.

The app’s user interface is simple to use and features a combination of pre-built filters and manual settings that can be fine-tuned to match your tastes.


Earth 3D 1.3.0

3Planesoft’s $1 Earth 3D - Amazing Atlas (Mac App Store Link) is a great educational tool designed to help anyone who’s interested in geography learn more about our planet.

The app provides a thorough overview of the world, with beautifully designed landmarks and lots of detailed information about everything from the tallest skyscrapers to the largest peninsulas.


Just Translate 2.9.3

Jalada’s $10 Just Translate (Mac App Store Link) allows you to translate between 50 different languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish.

The app allows you to translate text while working in other applications, and supports transliterations for languages that do not use the Latin alphabet.


Movie Explorer 1.1

Developer Ron Elemans’s Movie Explorer scans your hard drives for video files and attempts to match them with information from the Internet Movie Database.

The app maps all your movies and TV shows, collecting them in a single location using a beautiful graphical interface, and providing all kinds of metadata about them.


Remote Desktop 8.0.6

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (Mac App Store Link) client allows you to connect to remote computers using the RDP protocol, which is supported by most versions of Windows.

The latest release of the app includes support for the company’s RemoteApp technology, which allows remotely-running software to appear as if it were being executed locally, along with improved printer redirection capabilities and better remote resource management.


Spectre 1.7.1

Audiofile Engineering’s $50 Spectre (Mac App Store Link) is a real-time metering suite designed for audio professionals.

The app supports a range of analysis tools, ranging from simple VU-meters to full-spectrum visualizers.

zzz daymap

Bits and bytes

Whetstone Apps’s $10 DayMap (Mac App Store Link) has been updated to 1.9.0, which features improved support for recurring tasks, better backups, and a number of fixes.

Subtle B’s $3 StorageStatus is now at version 1.2.1, which comes with improved performance, a few changes to the user interface, and other general improvements.

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