The Week in Mac Apps: Punch in, punch out

This week's Mac app roundup brings you software that keeps you on time, organizes your data, tracks your shipments, and wants your most intimate secrets.

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Punch in, punch out

This week’s Mac app roundup brings you software that keeps you on time, organizes your data, tracks your shipments, and wants your most intimate secrets.


CorelCAD 2014.5

Corel’s $600 CorelCAD 2014 (Mac App Store Link) helps you design everything from keychains to buildings with a time-tested interface that draws on the company's venerable experience in this field.

The 2014 version of the app supports many file formats, can output directly to 3D printers, and includes a number of other enhancements over its predecessor.


FineReader OCR Pro 12.0.5

ABBYY’s $100 FineReader OCR Pro (Mac App Store Link) helps you turn the text you see in images, photos, and even scanned PDF documents into proper textual data that you can export, categorize, and search.

The app supports many different data formats—both for input and output—and understands 189 different languages, including Asian dialects, in any combination.


Investacalc 1.0

Developer Edmund Sikora’s $29 Investacalc is the perfect companion for all your financial needs, from determining the effect of compound interest rates to tracking the performance of your investment.

The app supports most common financial operations, and allows you to find the best set of conditions that meet a given set of goals.


My Wonderful Days 1.3.1

Haha Interactive’s $7 My Wonderful Days (Mac App Store Link) is a diary app designed to let you quickly jot down your thoughts and experiences using a simple and convenient user interface.

The app allows you to lock your data with a passcode for added privacy, and can even synchronize automatically with its companion iOS app over iCloud.


Parcel 1.2.2

Developer Ivan Pavlov’s Parcel helps you keep track of your shipments by grabbing up-to-the-minute information about their delivery status directly from any of 230 supported delivery services worldwide.

The free app—which also has an iOS companion—also allows you to receive push notifications whenever the status of your parcels change. A small subscription fee is required if you want to track more than three packages at the same time.


QuickTag for iTunes 2.0

Developer Ryan Ruel’s QuickTag for iTunes (Mac App Store Link) allows you to quickly tag and categorize your iTunes songs based on a set of arbitrary criteria.

Originally written for DJs, this free app supports up to eight categories and eighteen attributes, works with any audio supported by iTunes, and is compatible with ID3 tags.


Tap Forms 2.2.2

If you mourn the departure of Bento, Tap Zapp’s $30 Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database (Mac App Store Link) offers a convenient form-based database alternative that is easy to use and inexpensive.

The app allows you to create an arbitrary number of databases and interact with them using forms that are easy to design and customize. You can synchronize your data on multiple devices via iCloud, and even export it in a wide range of formats, from Excel to CSV.


Work Clock 2.0.0

If you end your day wondering where all the time went, look no further than Sockii’s $15 Work Clock (Mac App Store Link), a time-tracking app designed for power and simplicity of use.

The app supports an unlimited number of activities, can export data in multiple formats, and supports iCloud syncing with its companion iOS apps.

zzz intensify

Bits and bytes

Macphun Software’s $20 Intensify (Mac App Store Link) has been updated to version 1.0.2, which includes improved support for RAW image manipulation, more export options, and numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Moon Technolabs has updated its $10 Moon Invoice - iCloud Sync to version 1.6.5, which can back up and restore data using iCloud, and sports improvements in everything from payment tracking to tax management and data export.

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