Slideshow: Apple WWDC 2014 keynote highlights

Missed the keynote? Here are the highlights.

wwdc2014 keynote 09

WWDC 2014

During the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote Monday, Apple executives demonstrated the new features of Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

Photos by Serenity Caldwell

wwdc2014 keynote 03

El Capitan

Before the keynote, attendees can see the desktop picture of El Capitan, found in Yosemite National Park. That’s what’s called a spoiler, kids.

wwdc2014 keynote 01

Tim Cook takes center stage

Tim Cook kicked off the keynote with a few interesting statistics.

wwdc2014 keynote 07

Developers! Developers! Developers!

Apple has 9 million app developers, a 47 percent increase over last year.

wwdc2014 keynote 11

User adoption

Mavericks has been installed by 51 percent of users. Fourteen percent of Windows users have upgraded to Windows 8.

wwdc2014 keynote 13

OS X Oxnard?

Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi started the OS X presentation by unveiling the name of the OPS upgrade. Is it OS X Oxnard?

wwdc2014 keynote 15

Home of the Quakes

Is the new version of OS X called OS X Rancho Cucamonga?

wwdc2014 keynote 17

As in California State Senator Abner Weed

Is the new OS X called OS X Weed?

wwdc2014 keynote 19

OS X Yosemite

Federighi reveals the name of the new version of OS X, named after a national park of some repute. Find out what to expect in OS X Yosemite.

wwdc2014 keynote 21

Black or white

OS X Yosemite will allow you to switch the menu bar and menus from a white background to a black one.

wwdc2014 keynote 23

New Spotlight bar

The Spotlight search bar now appears in the middle of the screen in OS X Yosemite.

wwdc2014 keynote 25

iCloud Drive

Your iCloud storage is now user-accessible as an icon in a Finder window.

wwdc2014 keynote 27

Image annotations

Apple marketing executive Brian Croll demonstrated the new annotation tools. When you insert an image into an email, you can comments, arrows, speech ballons, and more.

wwdc2014 keynote 31

iPhone calls on your Mac

When you get a call on your iPhone and you’re on your Mac, you can take the call on your computer.

wwdc2014 keynote 33

Rock on, Eddy

Federighi demonstrates some of the new feature in Yosemite Mail by using an unflattering picture of Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue.

wwdc2014 keynote 35

Don't forget about Dre

Federighi demonstrated the new call features by calling Beats Electronics founder (and Apple employee) Dr. Dre.

wwdc2014 keynote 37

Priced right

OS X Yosemite will be free in the fall, but an exact release date was not announced.

wwdc2014 keynote 39

Satisfaction (almost) guaranteed

According to Apple, 97 percent of users are satisifed with iOS 7.

wwdc2014 keynote 41

iOS installed base

Apple says that 89 percent of users are using the latest version of iOS. Only 9 percent of Android users are using the latest version, called KitKat. Learn more about iOS 8's new features.

wwdc2014 keynote 45

Interactive notifications

iOS 8 offers better access to notifications. For example, if you get a notification for a new text message, you can swipe the screen and reply, instead of having to go to the Messages app.

wwdc2014 keynote 47


If you get an notification of an invitation, you can reply to it through the notification.

wwdc2014 keynote 51

At your fingertips

wwdc2014 keynote 53

Jony Ive makeover

Federighi demonstrates the new features in iOS mail by showing a picture of Apple senior vice president Jony Ive with Federighi's hair.

wwdc2014 keynote 55

Messages: New features

Some of the new features in iOS 8 Messages include group messaging and do not disturb.

wwdc2014 keynote 59

Joswiak selfie

Greg Joswiak, vice president of iOS and iPhone marketing, demonstrated the new features in Messages by taking a selfie with an obligatory duck face.

wwdc2014 keynote 63

Enterprise features

iOS 8 will have new features for use in enterprise environments.

wwdc2014 keynote 65


iOS 8's new HealthKit allows for integration with health-based apps. Get more details on HealthKit

wwdc2014 keynote 69

Family Sharing

In iOS 8, Family Sharing will allow you to get notifications on any device when a someone wants to make an iTunes purchase.

wwdc2014 keynote 75

The price of the cloud

Pricing for iCloud: Those first 5GB are free, at least.

wwdc2014 keynote 73

Photo editing

iOS 8's Photos apps offers new editing features.

wwdc2014 keynote 77

Hey, Siri

New features in Siri include the ability to launch Apple’s personal assistant just by saying “Hey, Siri.”

wwdc2014 keynote 79

More new features

iOS 8 will also have vector-based maps, lunar calendar support, and more—at least in China.

wwdc2014 keynote 81

App previews

The iTunes Store will allow developers to include demo videos of their apps.

wwdc2014 keynote 83

Third-party keyboard

Apple announced several new APIs for developers, including the ability to add custom keyboards.

wwdc2014 keynote 85

Touch ID API

Apple released an API for Touch ID so developers can use the security feature for their apps.

wwdc2014 keynote 87

Home sweet HomeKit

HomeKit API can be used by developers so you can use Siri to control devices like thermomstats and lights.

wwdc2014 keynote 97

Heavy Metal

The new Metal API lets game developers get the best graphics performance from the iPad and iPhone.

wwdc2014 keynote 99


The SpriteKit API will be useful for developers of 2D games who want to improvement graphics performance. Apple also released the SceneKit API for 3D casual games.

wwdc2014 keynote 101


Since WWDC is a show for developers, Swift got the best reaction from the keynote audience. Swift is a new new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, and it works with Objective-C.

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