The Week in Mac Apps: Everything is awesome

This week’s Mac app roundup brings you building blocks you won’t step on, a magical way to keep track of your day, and an app that helps you when you just gotta go.

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Everything is awesome

This week’s Mac app roundup brings you building blocks you won’t step on, a magical way to keep track of your day, and an app that helps you when you just gotta go.


3D Sketch and Stretch Studio 1.0

If you ever get tired of picking up (or stepping on) Lego blocks, Croco Studio’s $3 3D Sketch and Stretch Studio (Mac App Store Link) gives your children a software alternative to building everything from airplanes to buildings in 3D.

Rather than being limited to square shapes, the app supports a number of different 3D primitives, with realtime rendering and colorful designs that are sure to delight the little ones (and the not-so-little-ones who are still little at heart).


Calendar Plus 1.9

Qbix Inc.’s $10 Calendar Plus (Mac App Store Link) adds a full calendar to your menu bar, thus giving you an at-a-glance view of everything that’s going on.

The app interfaces with all your calendars, can provide extended information about all your appointments, and even tracks the weather for you.


Home Watch 2.0.0

John Miskimins’s $5 Home Watch turns your Mac into a surveillance machine that can either take snapshots when it detects movement or at specific intervals that you set.

The photos taken by the app are saved to a photo of your choice; since Home Watch is compatible with Dropbox, this means that you can synchronize them to your devices automatically, regardless of where you are.


Magical Pad 1.0

MagicalPad’s eponymous app (Mac App Store Link) aims to provide a mind-mapping software that can deal with any kind of information, from images to doodles, and from documents to lists.

The $40 app supports the creation of both structured and unstructured hierarchical maps, including mind maps, item lists, and even tasks and to-dos.


MusicMath 5.0

If you’re in the business of music production, Laurent Colson’s $5 MusicMath (Mac App Store Link) can help you keep track of your timings with extreme accuracy by offering a set of tools that make it a cinch to compute everything that has to do with the technical aspects of sound recording.

The app supports all kinds of calculations that involve tempo, lead-in, pitch, delay, and more.


Pocket Anatomy 1.0

If the human body is a beautiful machine, eMedia Interactive’s $30 Pocket Anatomy (Mac App Store Link) is a stunning set of blueprints.

The app includes a full breakdown of both the male and female body, with over 100,000 words of accompanying content that provides both anatomical and clinical information about everything from your cranium to your hallux.


Rest Areas 1.1

Modesitt Software’s Rest Areas (Mac App Store Link) is a quick and handy way to add a few pit stops while planning your next long-distance trip.

The free app allows you to quickly identify public rest-stop areas across the U.S., and transfer them to the company’s road-trip planning app to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.


Timing 1.4.2

Daniel Alm’s $10 Timing (Mac App Store Link) is the answer to that age-old question: Where did my day go?

Timing works by automatically tracking which apps you use, and which documents or websites you use and visit throughout your day; it then allows you to review your time usage and allocate it to the categories that make the most sense to you.


Write 1.0.1

Tanmay Sonawane’s $7 Write, dubbed a “beautiful home for your notes” by its developer, is a note-taking app designed with simplicity and order in mind.

The app provides a distraction-free writing environment, with support for Markdown text and powerful organizational tools.


Bits and bytes

Unsigned Integer’s $20 Deckset (Mac App Store Link), which allows you to quickly turn your notes into full-blown presentations, has been updated to version 1.2.0, which sports support for YouTube embedding, new video controls, improved theming, and much more.

D3i’s $7 Stache (Mac App Store Link) is a visual bookmark manager that can track and store copies of every webpage you feed it; it features powerful archiving and search tools, plugs right into most popular browsers, and can even synchronize its data across devices using iCloud.

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