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Thank God PCWorld’s Tony Bradley is here to speak for the tired, huddled masses of Windows users who yearn to use Apple services.

Wait, what?

“Hey, Apple! Don’t forget about the Windows users” (tip o’ the antlers to Steve Lekowicz).

Well, actually, Tony, it didn’t so much forget them.

This week at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, Apple showed off some of the new features and capabilities coming soon in iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. The level of integration between the mobile and desktop operating systems looks impressive, but maybe Apple should be focusing on how to provide that level of integration for Windows users with iOS devices.

Or … or, Tony … maybe it shouldn’t.


Maybe—maybe—Apple should reward the people who use more of its devices rather than those who use fewer. Just a thought.

(Typed on my Mac.)

Those are great features. But that Mac users are a relatively small market that misses most iOS users.

Hmm. Well, here’s a thought: Get a Mac.

Hey! Wait! Maybe that’s what Apple’s trying to promote! It is an evil conniving capitalist corporation, after all.

Mac OS X has gained some market share in recent years, but it still hovers well below 10 percent. iOS, on the other hand, has been a dominant force in mobile devices since the launch of the original iPhone.

Hey, guess what Apple’s share of mobile handsets is. Yeah, it’s about 10 percent.

Microsoft has embraced other platforms in recent years.

Yeah, because Microsoft still makes its money off of selling software. Apple still makes most of its money off of hardware.

Google also does a good job of making its apps and services available across different platforms and devices.

Because it sells ads! And, well, you. It also sells you. What it doesn’t sell much of is hardware.

Apple needs to take the hint.

Not really. Even if it could integrate these changes into Windows the same way it can on the Mac, it’s in Apple’s interests to provide a better overall user experience on the Mac. Buying Apple devices should make you want to buy more Apple devices, not reward you for buying its competitor’s products.

Designing integration between iOS 8 and Windows that will enable Windows users to see Caller ID info from their iPhone on their Windows PC and answer the call from Windows would be fantastic.

For Windows users.

Which is probably not high on Apple’s priority list. Or really on the list at all. Or anywhere in the same ZIP code as the list.

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