The Week in Mac Apps: Remotely yours

This week’s Mac app roundup includes software that keeps your files in check, whether across the cloud or local storage, and helps you keep connected--both to your computers and to your loved ones.

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Remotely yours

This week’s Mac app roundup includes software that keeps your files in check, whether across the cloud or local storage, and helps you keep connected—both to your computers and to your loved ones.


Baby Monitor 3G 2.1

TappyTaps’s $5 Baby Monitor 3G turns your Mac (or iPhone) into a handy monitor that lets you keep tabs on your little ones from another room in your house.

The app can automatically keep track of whether your child is sleeping or awake, and inform you when it detects sounds or movement.


ChronoSync 4.5

Econ’s $40 ChronoSync helps you back up groups of files and synchronize them across multiple computers.

The latest version of the software comes with more than one hundred new features, ranging from massive speed improvements to integration with OS X’s Notification Center.


EditReady 1.0

Divergent Media’s $50 EditReady is a transcoding solution built with the needs of professionals in mind.

The app is built to offer quick conversion between QuickTime and edit-ready formats, such as Avid and ProRes, using a simple and intuitive interface.


ExpanDrive 4

ExpanDrive’s eponymous app lets you map all sorts of remote storage options as local drives directly on your Mac.

The latest version supports more than a dozen different providers, from Dropbox to Amazon’s S3, and provides “instant uploads” that run in the background without slowing you down.


MegaSeg DJ 5.9.3

Fidelity Media’s $100 MegaSeg DJ (Mac App Store Link) is designed to help DJs create mixes using an intuitive multitouch user interface.

The app allows you to visually sync waveforms in realtime, using a trackpad to scrub and cue various pieces and alter their pitch, and provides separate outputs for monitor support.


Molar 1.1.1

Developer Mathias Jensen’s $2 Molar (Mac App Store Link) provides you with a few useful scientific tools, such as a full periodic table of the elements, numerous chemical formulae, and a set of handy math trigonometry solutions.

The app also includes a unit converter and a solver for linear and quadratic equations.


ScreensVNC 3.1

Edovia’s $35 Screens VNC (Mac App Store Link) allows you remotely connect to your computers running OS X or Linux through the VNC protocol.

The app comes with many power features, including support for the SSH protocol and advanced pasteboard management, as well as the ability to synchronize your bookmarks using iCloud.


TuneSpan 1.2

Random Applications’s $15 TuneSpan (Mac App Store Link) allows you set up your iTunes library so that it spans multiple drives.

The app allows you to more easily manage your videos and music—and, of course, limit your exposure in case of hard drive failure.

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Bits and bytes

Chimp Studios free Convert It (Mac App Store Link) offers quick conversion between numerous units of measure right from your menu, with a handy, color-coded interface that’s easy to use and highly customizable.

Chungwa Soft’s €30 Shimo makes hooking up to your virtual private networks easy by keeping track of all your available connections and options in a convenient location accessible from the menu.

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