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Can something really be called analysis when you just make up the basic premise?

The Motley Fool’s Sean Chandler decides to find out.

“Apple Should Copy Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3” (tip o’ the antlers to @JonyIveParody).

This ought to be good.

Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro 3 has hit the shelves and I now find myself wondering if Apple will provide its own alternative to the larger, highly productive tablet.

You mean the device that nobody wants? The device that sold so poorly Microsoft had to take a $900 million loss on unsold units? That device? [Correction: as a commenter points out, the write down Microsoft took was only on the Surface RT, not the Surface Pro. The Macalope incorrectly thought it was for both versions of the Surface. As the Macalope later details, the point still stands that sales of both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro have been weak.]

Considering a rumored iPad Pro which is expected to sport a 12-13” display, it seems that it will likely happen.

Because rumors are not unlike facts, right?

Those in doubt must remember that Apple followed suit of the popular 8” tablet with the iPad Mini and is also readying iPhones with larger displays.

Also, remember all the netbooks Apple made. Stacks and stacks of netbooks.

A thin iPad with a large screen would be a great solution to filling the ultra-portable productivity market the Surface Pro created.

Uh, the Macalope’s pretty sure someone has to actually buy the devices before you get credited with making a market.

The Surface Pro 3 is a sweet spot for many

The Motley Fool: finding new definitions for “many” since … well, at least 2014.

When Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 it made a very good point about laptops and tablets by stating that there are too many people who unnecessarily own both.

Nnno. It really didn’t. And the sales to date show that.

This is a problem because …

Stop. Stop. Stop. It’s not a problem. Or, at least, it’s not much of one, otherwise the Surface would be selling better. If you don’t at least acknowledge this, then you’re just writing fan fiction.

This is why the Surface Pro 3 acts as a real sweet spot for many users …

Seriously, it just goes on like this. “People love the Surface!” No! The overwhelming majority of them don’t!

While there are iPad owners for various reasons …

Sure, some people may buy iPads. An indeterminate number. Let’s say a few dozen.

… I find that it is mostly an additional luxury without being a compliment or replacement to many other products.

Ah. So, this is really all about you. Well, sorry to say it, but you’re not the whole market. You’re not even most of the market. You’re really not even a statistically significant part of the market.

Microsoft sold maybe 830,000 Surfaces in the first quarter of 2014. Apple sold 16 million iPads. Remind the Macalope which device needs to take a cue from the other because of its relative popularity.

Yes, I remember how Steve Jobs joked about an unwanted stylus when he introduced the original iPhone. However, I still believe that a stylus and tablet make a great combo and I’m not alone.

There are dozens of us! Dozens!

It’s not hard for me to imagine a tablet-dominated world where many people find their basic needs fulfilled by a tablet.

It’s not hard for you to imagine the world we live in? That’s … good.

Microsoft stated that 96% of the people who own an iPad also own a laptop and maybe this limitation is why tablets haven’t fully taken off yet.

As opposed to the Surface.

Someone should do a drive-by at The Motley Fool and make sure everything is OK over there.

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