The Week in iOS Apps: Revolution, too!

The game Civilization Revolution is back on iOS with a sequel. Other apps let you compare wines, get shopping deals, and better organize your photos.

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Revolution, too!

The game Civilization Revolution is back on iOS with a sequel. Other apps let you compare wines, get shopping deals, and better organize your photos.

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Civilization Revolution 2

The $15 Civilization Revolution 2 for iOS has more of what made its predecessor so popular as a strategy game: more military might to send against your enemies, more kinds of buildings to build and technology to apply to your growing empire, and more “scenario challenges” to let you re-enact key moments from history.

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Delectable is a free iPhone app that lets you take a photo of a wine label and instantly get ratings and descriptions. You can track your favorite wines and share recommendations with friends. You can even add your own rating notes in your personal wine journal. No word on how well it tracks the boxes of wine so beloved in my household.

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Fly, a free offering for iPhone, lets you edit together short movies on the (natch) fly. Choose up to four different video clips from your phone’s camera roll and you can add dissolve transitions, split screen and picture-in-picture effects, and music and voiceover audio. Naturally, you can trim and rearrange clips as well. You can even join other Fly users, sharing clips to make multi-camera videos.

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Group GPS

This free app for iPhone combines the best features of navigation and social networking. You can create an activity—a group hike, say—and send invitations to everybody involved, and “everyone's location is shared with the group and displayed on a map.” Track everybody’s progress (and keep friends from getting lost) without calling them every 15 minutes.

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The free MovieMood iPhone app offers a great idea with a critical limitation. The great idea? Tell the app the mood you’re in, and the app will make movie recommendations. The critical limitation? MovieMood works with only the iTunes database, which means that if you’re looking for, say, a Netflix recommendation, you’re out of luck.

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The $2 Polymo iPhone app is more interested in helping you organize your photos than in gussying them up with some filter: The app features a “simple camera” with no buzzy features save one—you can tag a photo even before you’ve taken it. Those tags become hashtags when you save photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Photos that you don’t want to share can be marked “private” and password-protected.

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Here’s an iPhone app for people who like to get great shopping deals: The free SnapUp offering lets you take pictures of products you want and upload them to the app, which identifies the product in question. When the app discovers the product has dropped in price, it alerts you, letting you get what you want for cheaper.

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This $1 iPhone productivity app has a pretty chill approach to productivity: Instead of offering deadlines and stress, it lets you choose how much time you want to devote to a particular goal before moving onto something different. Create a goal, set a time and duration for completing it—you can pause it mid-task if you have to attend to something else—and receive notifications at start and finish.

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Others of note

Todoist (pictured) now offers location-based reminders … and SoundCloud has been completely revamped.

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