The Week in Mac Apps: A canvas for developers

This week's app roundup brings you an app that can paint with code--and one that can tell you just how sharp you'll look in that brand new blazer.

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A canvas for developers

This week’s app roundup brings you an app that can paint with code—and one that can tell you just how sharp you’ll look in that brand new blazer.


Dress Assistant 5.1

Software de Arte’s $20 Dress Assistant (Mac App Store Link) is the answer to that eternal question: Will my shoes go well with this shirt?

The app allows you to create a virtual inventory of your entire wardrobe, and then pair up your clothes into eye-catching ensembles great for any occasion.


FilePane 1.4

Mymixapps’s $5 FilePane (Mac App Store Link) is a Swiss Army knife of utilities that help you create and manage your files with ease.

The app allows you to quickly create a file just by dragging contents from your apps, provides quick info about your file and folders, and much more.


Fold Defy

JixiPix Software’s $10 Fold Defy (Mac App Store Link) adds great-looking paper creases to your images, giving them a unique 3D look.

The app supports many different folding patterns, ranging from simple map-like arrangements to grungy-looking crumpled options.


HarpNinja 2.5.5

If you’ve ever thought that playing the harmonica is about as simple as voodoo, Sonicviz’s $30 HarpNinja (Mac App Store Link) could help you overcome your mouth-organ phobia.

The app provides a veritable treasure trove of teaching tools that make learning the ins and outs of harmonica-playing easy, and includes a number of annotated songs for all skill levels.


iTrumph 1.0.4

Some days, getting your life in order feels like a major accomplishment—which, perhaps, explains the name of Chronos’s $50 iTriumph.

The app helps you get a grip on your calendar and to-do list with a convenient month view that keeps all the information you need at your fingertips.


Mail Designer 2.0

Equinux’s $30 Mail Designer 2 (Mac App Store Link) features a wide range of templates you can use to build great-looking email messages for everything from party invitations to professional communication.

The app’s WYSIWYG interface makes designing HTML e-mail easy, and its output is compatible with the vast majority of mail clients.


PaintCode 2.1.2

PixelCut’s $100 PaintCode 2 (Mac App Store Link) can be used to turn vector graphics into code that you can use in your iOS or OS X apps.

The latest version of the software supports Swift, Apple’s new programming language, and introduces a number of sophisticated manipulation tools that make creating pixel-perfect images inside your source a cinch.


Particulars 1.0.1

Glencode’s $2 Particulars (Mac App Store Link) displays several bits of information about your Mac right on your desktop.

The app shows you data on memory and CPU usage, network status and connection, and so forth—a great tool to have if you’re an administrator and want to have an at-a-glance view of what’s going on with your computers.


Similar Image Detector 2.0.0

Enolsoft’s $2 Similar Image Detector (Mac App Store Link) helps you find and manage similar images on your Mac.

The app supports searching based on a variety of criteria, and allows you to quickly dispatch all duplicates with a convenient set of batch commands.

zzz sandybeach

Bits and bytes

Perhaps not the same as the real thing, but 3Planesoft’s $1 Sandy Beach 3D (Mac App Store Link) turns your desktop into a beautiful animated beach scene, adding a bit of sunshine to an otherwise dull workday.

And, speaking of beautiful vacation spots, Aidaluu’s $8 Travel iBlog (Mac App Store Link) is an app designed to help you document your adventure with text, pictures, and maps—wherever life may take you next.

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