The Week in iOS Apps: Always lower prices

This week's roundup of new and updated apps includes an offering from Walmart that ensures you're always paying the lowest advertised price for a product.

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Always lower prices

This week’s roundup of new and updated apps includes an offering from Walmart that ensures you’re always paying the lowest advertised price for a product.


82nd and Fifth

The iPad was made for culture. 82nd and Fifth takes 100 curators from across The Metropolitan Museum of Art to talk about 100 works of art that changed the way they see the world. The result: “One work, one curator, two minutes a time.” Beauty has never been so accessible.



Game designer Peter Molyneux—known for Dungeon Keeper, Black and White, and Fable—is back with a god simulator called Godus, free on both iPhone and iPad. You’re, um, God, and you guide the development of a tiny civilization as it advances through history. Unlike the real God, though, you’ll find that in-app “gem” purchases help speed the process along.



The new NFL Now for iOS lets football fans watch game highlights, videos about their favorite teams, and clips from the NFL archives. Drop $2 a month for an in-app “NFL Now” subscription and American customers will also get unlimited access to the online library of NFL Films shows, and hundreds of real-time in-game highlights.



MIT developed the free ScratchJr app for iPad, a means of giving children ages 5 through 7 some rudimentary coding skills to program interacive stories and games. Kids snap together “programming blocks” like puzzles to make character run and jump. It’s based on MIT’s Scratch programming language.



Can this “team communication” app for iPhone and iPad really replace email in your workplace? Not quite: People outside your office walls still need a way to talk to you. Otherwise, it’s pretty handy, rivaling HipChat for usefulness and versatility. This week’s update includes a beta feature—push notifications for every single team that you’re logged into. Never miss a message again.



If you’re fed up with the limits of filters in all your usual photo apps, Vibrance, a free offering for iPhone and iPad, might offer an answer: It lets you create your own filters from scratch, creating precisely the effect you desire for the photos on your device. Once built, you can name the filter and share it with your friends.



The updated Walmart app for iPhone has a nifty new feature: Buy an item at Walmart, then scan your receipt into your phone. The “savings catchers” check to see if the same item has been advertised anywhere else—and if it’s been advertised cheaper in your area, Walmart pays back the difference.


Others of note

Pinterest has updated with a powerful new messaging ability … Zillow’s Mortgage and Real Estate apps now let you get pre-approval on a home loan … and WordPress has updated with a number of improvements.

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