The Week in Mac Apps: Done and done

This week’s Mac app roundup brings you sports tricks, photos you didn’t know you could make, and the ability to get things done.

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Done, and done

This week’s Mac app roundup brings you sports tricks, photos you didn’t know you could make, and the ability to get things done.


CoachBase 2.0

As the new school year approaches, the $10 CoachBase - Animated coach clipboard playbook offers an interesting take on sports training at all levels.

With support for more than 20 games, the app helps coaches design and illustrate their plays with a simple and intuitive interface that supports animations and synchronization across multiple devices.


Composure 1.2.2

StuckPixel’s Composure (Mac App Store Link) helps you stitch your photos into beautiful art pieces.

The free app supports a variety of framing and filtering options—some of which are available as in-app purchases—and can export to a variety of formats.


CrazyTalk Animator Pro 2.13.1929

Reallusion’s $180 CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pro (Mac App Store Link) helps animators create and design complex three-dimensional characters.

The app supports the creation of skeletons, posing, keyframe animations, and comes with a library of prebuilt avatars that are ready to use.


Lightfield Iris 1.2.1

Vertical Horizon’s $20 Lightfield Iris (Mac App Store Link) lets you edit and manipulate light-field photos like those taken with cameras made by Lytro.

The app allows you to perform several editing operations, control focus and depth of field, and export the resulting pictures to a variety of formats.


Living Weather HD 3.0.3

VorInn’s Living Weather HD turns your desktop into an animated weather forecast center.

The app—free with the ability to remove ads in exchange for a $4 in-app purchase—comes with a variety of “live” wallpapers, from beautiful beaches to calming wheat fields, and shows the current weather forecast directly on your desktop.


Math Studio 6.0

Pomegranate Apps’s $40 MathStudio 6 (Mac App Store Link) helps you discover math with a powerful visual language that performs all sorts of cool operations.

The app supports arithmetic, can expand expressions and factorialize equations, and even supports plotting graphs of arbitrary complexity in both two and three dimensions.


Stereogram 1.2

Developer Peter Nicklas’s $3 Stereogram allows you to turn your photos into three-dimensional pictures that can be experienced with the naked eye.

The app uses a technique known as autostereography to create patterns that, when properly observed, allow the viewer to experience the illusion of 3D without the need for special equipment.


Todo 3.0.1

2014 Appigo’s $15 Todo (Mac App Store Link) is task-management software that’s designed to let you get things done quickly and efficiently.

The app features an intuitive user interface, allows you to break down complex operations into simpler tasks, and synchronizes all your information across multiple devices using a variety of cloud-based solutions.

zzz pasteasy

Bits and bytes

Tinker’s Pasteasy (Mac App Store Link) allows you to transparently copy and paste data between your various devices. An iOS version of this free app, as well as versions that run on Android or Windows, are also available.

Branchfire Inc.’s Folia (Mac App Store Link) is a free, cross-platform word processor that allows you to collaborate on documents with your friends and colleagues.

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