Eight is enough?

A number of this week's new and updated apps take advantage of new functionality in iOS 8. Plus, now you can make "Star Wars" movies on your iPhone. Cool, huh?

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Eight is enough?

A number of this week's new and updated apps take advantage of new functionality in iOS 8. Plus, now you can make "Star Wars" movies on your iPhone.  Cool, huh?


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This $10 app has probably done more to rock your body/rockrockrock your body than just about any other. It updated this week with a new pack of samples—named “General Electric”—as well as improved integration with your Spotify library: A song’s BPM and key are now shown in the media browser, and songs you’ve listened to are marked, enabling you to easily find old favorites or to move on and play and listen more to undiscovered stuff.

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Just when you thought you’d seen every permutation of a “get things done” app, here comes doMOAR, a $3 offering for iPhone. Like Clear, it’s gesture-based. You can create tasks, tasks-within-tasks, and so on to infinity. You can color code priority tasks, hit a “snooze” button on others, and generally keep getting stuff done.

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One of the first “read it later” apps keeps getting better. Version 6.0 of Instapaper lets users see articles you saved today on their phone or tabet’s Notification Center, and open it directly from there. There is also a new text-to-speech function that lets users create playlists and have articles spoken to them. A new “unified browse” feature offers recommended articles from editors, friends, and algorithms in a single feed.

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This app is ready for iOS 8, with a new “Kindle Today” widget that lets users jump straight into books from their lock screen’s notification center. The updated app also has one long-awaited feature: Users can now cut-and-paste passages from books onto the iOS clipboard or into other apps.

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We’ve long loved the free Longform app for iPad, which is like having a magazine library in a single app. The Version 2.0 update that launched this week gives the app a bit more of an RSS feel, letting users choose which of nearly 1000 publishers—including magazines and individual writers—they want to follow. You’ll never run out of fresh reading material again.

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Star Wars Scene Maker

Pew! Pew! Pew! We’re guessing we don’t have to tell you much about this new app except this: It helps you make Star Wars movies on your iPhone. Good enough? We thought so. Quick warning: You’ll spend $3 or more to unlock some of the really cool scene effects. Not that that will stop most fans.

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The advent of iOS 8 means there are lots of new keyboard apps for the iPhone. One getting more attention than most is the $1 Swype for iPhone and iPad. As the name indicates, it lets users enter a number of words, symbols, and other written items using swipe gestures.


Vizzywig 4K

This new iPhone app “captures full 4K resolution photos at the rate of 24 photos per second along with synched audio. Edit, add 4K transitions, titles, scrolling credits and background music and upload straight to YouTube in full 4K.” One downside? It’s listed for $1000. (Nope, that's not a misprint.) So, uh, good luck! 

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Others of note

Yahoo News Digest has updated with an iOS 8 widget  … so has NYTNow … and Instagram has updated for iOS 8 compatibility.

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