The Week in Mac Apps: Sketching, taking notes, and keeping track of things

This week's roundup of new Mac apps has everything you need to make sure your important thoughts never slip through the cracks.

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Sketching, taking notes, and keeping track of things

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps has everything you need to make sure your important thoughts never slip through the cracks.


CosmAtlas 1.0.0

Aurelio Calegari’s $3 CosmAtlas (Mac App Store Link) lets you look at the sky any time of day—and from the convenience of your Mac.

The app simulates the physics of more than 400 celestial bodies, applying celestial mechanics to compute their position at any moment between the years 0 and 9999.


Expense Pro 1.0

Avar Software’s $10 Expense Pro - Money Tracker & Manager (Mac App Store Link) is the answer to that most nagging of questions: Where does all our money go?

The app allows you track all your purchases and expenses, keep an eye on your stocks and investments, and figure out the best way to manage your budget.


Fantastical 1.3.17

Flexibits’s ever-popular $20 Fantastical (Mac App Store Link) helps you better manage your appointments and reminders with a powerful natural-language interface.

The app has received a number of updates that have improved its performance on older versions of OS X, and fixed a number of bugs.


GarageSale 6.8

If eBay auctions are your thing, you will want to check out Iwascoding’s $40 GarageSale (Mac App Store Link), which lets you keep track of all the items you put up for sale.

The app offers dozens of professionally-designed templates for your auctions, supports multiple eBay accounts, and even comes with its own image-hosting service.


Hüslipapier 1.2

Don’t let the German name scare you: Manderim’s $5 Hüslipapier (Mac App Store Link) lets you draw all kinds of schematics and charts on virtual grid paper.

The app is great for everything from a little extra help with homework to designing electrical circuits, and can export drawings in a variety of formats, including PDF, EPS, and even ASCII art.


iThoughtsX 2.0

Figuring out what’s going on in your head is easy with ToketaWar’s $48 iThoughtsX, a mind-mapping app that allows you to quickly draw up all diagrams in ten different styles.

The app supports images and arbitrary vector shapes, and allows you to attach notes, Web links, and callouts directly to individual portions of your diagrams.


mTrafficStats 1.8

MegSoftware’s $13 mTrafficStats (Mac App Store Link) keeps track of the software that goes over your network and helps you detect how much Internet bandwidth you’re using.

The app sits quietly in the background—until, that is, you call it into action, at which point it shows you a quick graph of your usage patterns, and tells you how much bandwidth you’ve used in the last day or month.


Notability 1.01

Ginger Labs’s $10 Notability (Mac App Store Link) logs everything from text to sounds, and from images to videos, to let you keep track of things that matter in an easy an intuitive way.

The app features a companion iOS app and syncs through iCloud.


Sketch 3.1

Bohemian Coding’s $80 Sketch 3 (Mac App Store Link) has everything you need to create snappy designs using vector art.

The app has just been upgraded to version 3.1, which introduces many new features and fixes a long list of bugs.

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