Grading the rumors on Mac mini updates, iPad delays, and MacBook colors

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BREAKING NEWS: Apple might update some of its products! Or it might not. Some updates you might have expected to be coming, some might be coming later than you thought. Other updates feature features that you might find surprising. More updates on these possible updates as updates come in!

The little Mac that could

What’s that smell? Do you smell that? Phew. Man, smells like old gym socks and gym shorts left in an abandoned gym. By a guy named Jim.

Sorry, I just came from the gym.

Oh, I know what it is! It’s the Mac mini. Silly me. It should have been obvious because if we check the MacRumors buying guide, we can see that the Mac mini was last updated sometime during the Eisenhower administration. Well, OK, two years ago. That’s still a long time.

Word on the street, though, is the mini will get updated possibly as soon as this month. Of course, that street is Rumors Avenue, so take them with a grain of salt.

Or a shaker of salt. Or one of those Morton’s salt containers. Or a cow lick. Do you have a cow lick? Get yourself a cow lick. It comes in handy when reading rumors.

  • Rumor: Mac mini update coming this month
  • Grade: B+
  • Reason: If it doesn’t happen soon the thing’s going to become a health hazard.

In-credible rumors

Some rumors are incredible! In the sense that they are not, in fact, very credible.

For example, Rumor Has It (™) that the next generation of the iPad Air has been postponed to 2015.

What?! What are we supposed to do until then? Use these completely useless 2013 iPad Airs? Like animals?

Well, don’t worry too much. It seems unlikely as iPad sales have been somewhat surprisingly lackluster of late and Apple would probably be better served getting the lead out. (That’s a figure of speech. The current iPads only contain four or five pounds of lead.) Also, as Electronista notes, the rumor comes “from a paper with a mixed track record in such reports—it said the iPhone 6 Plus would be delayed into 2015, for example.”

For example, they were wrong. Exactly wrong. About almost the same thing. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong this time. That’s the beauty of Apple rumors. If you get one wrong, you can always keep trying.

  • Rumor: iPad Air update delayed to 2015
  • Grade: C-
  • Reason: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I should probably stop reading these rumors.


The Apple Watch isn’t the first time the company has gotten crazy with colors and according to this rumor it won’t be the last. Get ready to mix and match because the 2015 MacBook Airs may come in iPhone colors: Space Gray, Gold, and Silver.

This might sound crazy because clearly aluminum is good enough for anyone, but Apple shipped both a black and a white MacBook as recently as 2008. And indigo, graphite, and key lime iBooks as late as 2001. It does sound a little wacky, but I didn’t think they’d ship a gold iPhone last year and they did. Heck if I’m going to make that mistake again. Nope, it’s all new mistakes this year for me.

No word if the gold will be iPhone faux or Apple Watch real. So, don’t pull the trigger on that second mortgage yet.

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