The Week in iOS Apps: Gameboy style, video editors, and updates from Square

Gaming nostalgia is always popular on iOS — can a new Gameboy-style game generate the same enthusiasm as its 8-bit cousins?

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Gameboy style!

Gaming nostalgia is always popular on iOS, but can a new Gameboy-style game generate the same enthusiasm as its 8-bit cousins?


Adobe Premiere Clip

This free, easy video editor for iOS connects to your Adobe Creative Cloud account so you can pluck video files directly from your device or grab them from cloud storage to create your perfect movie. It includes Instagram-style color filters, audio mixing tools, and other effects so that you can create a short, professional-looking video on the spot.


Google News & Weather

It’s official: Google wants to be your 21st century newspaper, no matter what device you’re using. This free app for iOS includes coverage from 65,000 news organizations, the ability to fine-tune your layout, and the option to tap any story and experience a whole range of coverage and opinions about it.


Jack B. Nimble

Prepare yourself for a new way to go old school. We’ve seen plenty of 8-bit-style games on iOS in recent years, emulating the game systems of the 1980s. Now we have Jack B. Nimble, a $2 Gameboy-style “endless runner” offering for the iPhone and iPad. The best feature? So many shades of green.

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MultiCam - Set Focus/Exposure After Shoot

This photo app does everything in reverse: Shoot your photo, then use MultiCam to choose your focus and exposure afterward. That makes it a lot more difficult to take a bad picture.

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NHL GameCenter/NBA GameTime

It’s winter sports season! NHL GameCenter (pictured), an offering for iPhone and iPad, returns with in-game highlights and live game audio available for free; GameCenter Live subscribers get to see the game from additional angles, including with a GoalieCam. NBA GameTime, somewhat similarly, offers free access to GameTime Plus—with live radio broadcasts and in-game video highlights—but you have an unlimited data plan with Sprint.

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Can’t figure out what to read next? Readonly, a $3 iPhone app, picks your next bit of reading material—“Essays, investigative reports, short stories, historical anecdotes, philosophical debates”—based on your interests and the time you have available. It's a way to enjoy longform reading in a format that accommodates your Internet-shortened attention span.

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Square Order/Square Cash

Never stand in line again: Square Order was updated this week with new, improved ways to place your order ahead of an arrival. The app now predicts when you’ll get to the coffee shop (or restaurant or cafe) based on your location; it also suggests items and remembers your favorites. Its cousin app, Square Cash, also got an update this week—now it allows you to send money to somebody nearby using Bluetooth.

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Tipster, the Top Calculator

We’ve never found it that hard to calculate a tip—take 10 percent of the final bill, then double it—but lots of people do. This app not only lets you figure the proper tip quickly, it can also do a breakdown of how much should be paid by each member of your group. No more gueswork.


Others of note

Gmail updated with support for the iPhone 6 family .... OneDrive for iOS now includes PIN code and Touch ID support … Week Calendar now offers support for attachments.

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