The Week in Mac Apps: Tracking time, and killing it too

In this week’s roundup of new Mac Apps, we bring you a way to skip terrible music, find out where your day goes, and make the most of your breaks.

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Tracking time, and killing it too

In this week’s roundup of new Mac Apps, we bring you a way to skip terrible music, find out where your day goes, and make the most of your breaks.


AutoMile 2.0

Brian Toth’s $30 AutoMile - Automatic mileage calculation at your convenience (Mac App Store Link) calculates your car’s mileage based on where you’ve been.

Excellent for people who need to track their expenses, the app uses a list of locations you’ve visited to compute the distance you’ve traveled, and it stores this info in a handy format for later reference and use.


Denied 1.1.0

It happens every day: You’re in the groove playing your favorite tunes, when suddenly that one song you can’t stand comes on and ruins your mood.

Fear no more! Danger Cove’s $3 Denied (Mac App Store Link) allows you to automatically skip songs based on a number of simple rules, such as artist name, title, and so on. It's compatible with iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify. 


Fhotoroom X 1.2

If you can’t find the perfect image filter to suit your needs, Supporting Computers’s $6 Fhotoroom X is ready to come to your rescue.

With a dozen or so filter parameters, the app lets you load up your images and tweak every last detail in them, from color correction to lens aberration. Even better, you can create your own custom filter combinations and reuse them to your heart’s content.

mini motor racing

Mini Motor Racing 1.0.1

NextGen Reality’s $3 Mini Motor Racing (Mac App Store Link) is a fun little game with eye-popping graphics that will help you get a bit of R&R in the middle of an otherwise busy workday.

Your goal in this fast-paced game is to race your car against a number of computer-powered opponents in a variety of environments, earning points that you can reinvest in upgrades.


Monochrome 2.2.1

The $20 Monochrome app (Mac App Store Link), published by Einstein’s Legacy, helps you convert your color photos to monochrome using a simple and intuitive interface.

Monochrome can desaturate each color channel individually, and is capable of applying artificial hues to the resulting images.


On Site Backup 1.6

Everybody knows the benefits of backing up your data to the cloud—but what happens when the cloud itself breaks? Holy Mackerel Software’s $20 On Site Backup (Mac App Store Link) aims to answer this question by letting you create “reverse backups” of your remote data.

The app can automatically read data from a variety of remote sources, including MySQL databases, FTP sites, and mapped drives, and then give you access to it on command.


Savvy Clipboard 2.9.1

BlitzClick Software’s $15 Savvy Clipboard (Mac App Store Link) supercharges your Mac’s pasteboard and turns it into a powerhouse of functionality.

The app works by keeping a history of everything you place on your pasteboard, rather than just the last item you copied. You can then paste from the history back into any OS X app you like.


StorageStatus 1.3

If your Mac’s disks are behaving strangely, Subtle B’s $3 StorageStatus can help you diagnose the problem.

The app keeps a close eye on the power status of each storage device recognized by OS X, allowing you to monitor unusual patterns even on complex RAID configurations.


Timing 1.4.6

If you’re wondering where your days go, developers Thomas Osthege and Daniel Alm’s $10 Timing (Mac App Store Link) is the perfect way to find out.

The app tracks the time you spend on your Mac, giving you an easy-to-follow breakdown of the apps and documents in which you spend most of your time. You can, of course, also create manual entries to mark your activity in a different way—like, say, associating it with a specific client for billing purposes.

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