The Week in Mac Apps: Image editors, a menu bar music app, and more

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps is all about sight and sound, with software that will make your photos gorgeous, keep you sane in a noisy environment, and entertain you with some music.

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Sight and sound

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps is all about sights and sounds, with software that will make your photos gorgeous, keep you sane in a noisy environment, and entertain you with some music.


DeltaCAD 8.0.8

Midnight Software’s $40 DeltaCad (Mac App Store Link) is an inexpensive but featureful design software that lets you create highly precise technical drawings for everything from mechanical parts to your next dwelling.

The app is simple and intuitive to use, supports the most common CAD file formats, and even allows you to create bill-of-material reports based on the objects you use in your designs.


Image Bucket Pro 2014.0

Ilia’s $7 Image Bucket Pro (Mac App Store Link) makes quick work of manipulating large batches of images to your specifications.

The app can crop, resize, watermark, and resample images in a variety of formats, and even allows you rename your files by adding custom prefixes and suffixes to them.


Image Tricks Pro 3.8.1

Belight Software’s $10 Image Tricks Pro (Mac App Store Link) gives you access to a treasure trove of filters and effects that you can use to make your photos look and feel great.

The app features hundreds of individual options that can be combined in virtually unlimited ways to make your pictures truly unique.


Money 4.6

Jumsoft’s $39 Money (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep tabs on your finances by tracking your expenses and income in an easy to understand format.

The app supports data imports from a variety of sources, and can synchronize with its iOS companion via Dropbox.


Monosnap 3.0.1

If you’re working on a presentation—or just trying to explain to your relatives how to set up their Wi-Fi for the tenth time—Farminers’ free Monosnap is a handy tool that makes taking screenshots and short screen recordings a snap.

The app supports a variety of annotation options like highlighting, blurring, and so forth, and can even export data to external services, although that will cost you a $5 in-app purchase.


Noizio 1.0.2

Developer Kyrylo Kovalin’s Noizio (Mac App Store Link) produces a variety of computer-generated sounds designed to help you focus by reducing ambient noise.

The app—with is completely free—comes with eight different sounds, each designed to reduce stress and promote concentration. Sadly, there is no word from the author on whether it will manage to drown out the person in the cubicle next to you who seems to spend the entire day yelling on the phone.


Pixa 1.1.7

Shiny Frog’s $25 Pixa (Mac App Store Link) is designed to keep your images organized according to a variety of tags—both manually inputted by you and automatically generated based on the size and prevalent color of each picture.

The app supports live folders that automatically with the contents of your hard drive, can capture images directly from your screen, and even offers some basic pixel-inspection functions.


ReadKit 2.4.2

Webin’s popular RSS reader ReadKit (Mac App Store Link) has received an update that improves its compatibility with OS X Yosemite and fixes a number of bugs.

The app, which costs $10, provides all the features you expect from modern news software, including offline reading, integration with most popular cloud RSS services, and Notification Center support.


TunesBar+ 1.8

If running iTunes just to play some music feels like overkill, you may want to take a look at developer Iain Holmes’s $1 TunesBar+, which lets you control your music directly from your menu bar.

The app provides a simple interface that allows you to pause, play, and skip songs, and shows you the artwork and name of the song that’s current playing.

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