The Week in iOS Accessories: Vintage iPad stands and an iPhone scavenger hunt

This week's accessory roundup includes a tablet stand made of old railroad rails from 100 years ago. Plus: Cables, mounts, batteries, and more.

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Talk about steampunk!

This week's accessory roundup includes a tablet stand made of old railroad rails from 100 years ago. Plus: Cables, mounts, batteries, and more.

jot script


The $75 Jot Script Evernote Edition is a fine-tipped stylus optimized for iOS and made to work especially well with both Evernote and its companion app, Penultimate. The latter app’s developers say: “The new Penultimate 6.0 gives your Jot Script better control and accuracy, so that it works even more like your favorite pen.”



The $50 iPro2 is built to display the iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPhone 6/6 Plus on your vehicle dash. It comes equipped with a Lightning connector to plug into your dock, making it easy to power up your phone on the go. Best of all, the lenses on your phone are unobstructed, ensuring dash cam functionality.


Griffin Technology

Talk about steampunk: The $130 Rail Slice Tablet Stand is made from turn-of-the-20th-century rails first laid down for steam-driven locomotives that were running before your grandparents were born. A milled cavity offers space for a cable, as well as sound projection capabilities for your iPad’s speakers. To prevent scratches on your tablet, you’ll probably want to add a free, complimentary iPad case from Griffin to your order.



The $9 Keyprop is about the simplest iPhone stand there is. It attaches to your keychain, and when your phone needs a prop, just plug the Keyprop into the audio jack and it will display your iPhone at the angle most useful to you.



The $30 Poki is a 5000 mAH battery that looks like a pocketbook. Lepow says, “It is thinner than the diameter of a penny, and 80 percent lighter than the standard external battery, so it won't weigh hand-carry luggage or purses down.” It’s compatible with all Lightning port devices.

game of phones 1deb 600.0000001414660338


The $20 Game of Phones isn’t an accessory so much as something cool to do using your iPhone—mostly it’s a scavenger hunt that uses your iPhone’s ability to take photos, use the web, and help you map your way through unknown places. Have fun!

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Recoil Winders

Recoil Winders are a great way to keep cable and cords wrapped up in a hurry. They range in price from $10 for the single-cord model to $28 for a multi-cord model that helps you banish cord clutter forever

paper batteries

Tsung Chih-Hsien

This won’t be on the market anytime soon, apparently, but here’s an accessory concept we’d love to see make the jump to manufactured product: Tsung Chih-Hsien has designed mini paper batteries that could recharge your phone and be immediately recycled, all while taking up very little space in your pocket or bag while waiting for use.

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