The Week in Mac Apps: Writing, cycling, timing, and keeping fit

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings you a great collection of everything you need to keep tabs on your physical activity, your writing work, and the time you spend at your keyboard.

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Writing, cycling, timing, and keeping fit

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings you a great collection of everything you need to keep tabs on your physical activity, your writing work, and the time you spend at your keyboard.


Artful 1.0.5

Christopher Tomkins-Tinch’s $5 Artful (Mac App Store Link) puts the world’s most beautiful paintings right at your fingertips.

The app runs in the background and allows you to pick a range of ever-changing art—form Matisse to van Gogh—with which to decorate your desktop.


BeFit 4.0

Jon Brown Designs’s $4 BeFit (Mac App Store Link) is a great way to keep an eye on your food intake with a simple and intuitive interface.

The app comes with a database that contains nutritional information on a wide variety of common foods—both raw ingredients and prepared dishes—and automatically computes your caloric load based on an easy-to-maintain eating diary.


BikePro 1.0

AVAR Software’s $6 BikePro (Mac App Store Link) makes quick work of tracking your biking habits.

Designed for serious athletes, the app keeps tabs on your various bicycles, the time you spend on them, and the amount of traveling you do, displaying everything in a great-looking format that is easy to understand.


Mind Vector 1.0

i2e Consulting’s $30 Mind Vector (Mac App Store Link) is a freeform mind-mapping tool that lets you create diagrams on the fly.

The app supports several layouts, allows you to add notes, images, and link to webpages directly from your diagrams, and can share your content in a variety of formats.


Quiver 2.0

If you write code for a living (or even as a hobby), HappenApps’s $10 Quiver is designed to help you collect and categorize all your helpful code snippets in a single location.

The app allows mixing Markdown or LaTeX content with code in the same document, sharing your notes with your other devices (via iCloud) and with other team members (via Dropbox), and more.


Revisions for Dropbox 1.2.1

Bayesbits’s free Revisions for Dropbox (Mac App Store Link) allows you to dig into your Dropbox folders and view how your files have changed over time.

The app takes advantage of the popular cloud service’s versioning capabilities to show you a list of available revisions for each file, highlight the differences between them, and restore older copies as needed. A $10 in-app purchase unlocks premium features, including the ability to detect who made changes, ignore certain files, and more.


Teleprompt 3.0.4

Bombing Brain Interactive’s $50 Teleprompt+ has everything you need to turn your Mac into a professinal-grade teleprompter.

The app supports a variety of display options, can project text to an external monitor, and can even be remotely controlled from another Mac or iOS device.


Timing 1.4.8

Daniel Alm and Thomas Osthege’s $10 Timing (Mac App Store Link) automatically keeps track of everything that happens on your Mac, and then tells you how you spend your time when you’re sitting at your keyboard.

In addition to analyzing each app as it runs on your system, Timing can also measure the amount of time you spend on individual websites, documents, and much more.


Typed 1.0

RealMac Software’s $20 Typed is a new Markdown-centric text editor designed with focus in mind.

The app supports a number of “zen” layouts, some of which even include soothing sounds to help you concentrate, and places a premium on beautiful typography—but is also built for advanced users, to which it offers a variety of powerful shortcuts and preview options.

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