The Week in iOS Accessories: Great golfing

This week's roundup of accessories includes a new way to make sure that you're getting everything you can out of your golf game. Plus: Batteries, speakers, stands, and more.

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Great golfing

This week’s roundup of accessories includes a new way to make sure that you’re getting everything you can out of your golf game. Plus—batteries, speakers, stands, and more.

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Here’s an iOS accessory for serious golfers: The $400 Arccos system attaches a sensor to each of your clubs, then uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to relay data about every part of your game back to an app on your iPhone. The makers say: “Arccos will enable you to make smarter choices right on the course, so you can have your best game, every game.”



We admit to being enthralled by the design of the $80 Xsories XS Sneaker Power Bank—it really does look like the bottom of our elementary school tennis shoes—and a portable 8400-mAh battery is usually a pretty good thing to have around. The problem? It doesn’t offer a Lightning connector, only a 30pin connection in addition to USB and micro-USB. For iOS purposes, it’s an old-school-looking battery that can only service old-school products.

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The $30 Pocket Tripod is “is capable of holding your iPhone at any angle, in both portrait and landscape, and can fit in a wallet for ultra portability.”


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The Trilogy Dock and Stand with Built-In Sound Amplifier has already sold out its first run, so you’ll just have to salivate over this nifty dock for your iPhone 6. It comes in silver and solid black and displays your phone in the portrait mode; tip the dock on its side—it’s made to do it!—and you have landscape viewing. The amplifier makes it easy to hear when watching videos on your new iPhone’s huge screen.  



The $79 Peri Duo bills itself as the world’s first charging case with Bluetooth- and wifi-enabled speakers. It includes a 2500-mAh battery, looks like a tiny boombox, and comes in versions able to fit both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 families.

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The $40 100-percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack is basically a great pun. It supplies backup power to your iPhone while disguised as a box of … apple juice. Get it? Eh? Eh?


Stand for Stuff

The $199 Universal SwingHolder is a boom stand for your tablet—letting you view the iPad at a variety of heights, angles, and rotations. It’s made with recycled and recyclable materials, and is versatile enough to hold your iPad even while it’s still in a carrying case.

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Typo Keyboards

Apparently there’s still a market for iPhones with old Blackberry-style tactile keyboards: The $100 Typo2 is made for the iPhone 6, and provides a Bluetooth keyboard for the phone. It also makes your long phone even longer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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