The Week in Mac Apps: Sleep better, keep your Mac awake, and fix your Wi-Fi

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps has a little something for everyone, from software that helps you sleep to software that helps you prevent your Mac from sleeping.

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Sleep better, keep your Mac awake, and fix your Wi-Fi

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps has a little something for everyone, from software that helps you sleep to software that helps you prevent your Mac from sleeping.


Appsomnia 1.1

Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a video and your Mac goes to sleep? AppPlunger’s $1 Appsomnia (Mac App Store Link) takes care of that problem by preventing power savings from kicking in on command.

The app sits quietly in the menu until called upon, and allows you disable sleep mode permanently, or for a set period of up to three hours to keep your screen from getting damaged in case you forget.


Break Reminder 2.2

Tinybird Interactive’s $3 Break Reminder (Mac App Store Link) reminds you that life is not about work—and that taking regular breaks during your workday is great for both your sanity and your health!

Once set up, the app sits unobtrusively in the menu until it’s time for you to take a quick walk or do some stretch exercises. Although you are free to decide how often your breaks should occur, the app can also examine your Mac’s usage pattern and automatically suggest the most appropriate time for some rest time.


Dash 2.2.3

An indispensable tool for developers and designers, Kapeli’s Dash (Mac App Store Link) gives you instant access to the documentation for hundreds of languages and programming tools.

The app’s latest release comes with a number of bug fixes, improved syntax highlighting for Google’s Go language, and a better user experience when displaying code snippets.


My Medical 2.4.3

Keeping track of your health can be a complicated affair these days—and that’s where Hyrax’s $15 My Medical (Mac App Store Link) comes in.

The app helps you build a complete medical history for your entire family, including keeping scores over your doctor appointments and tracking your medications, and can even store documents like x-ray slides and test results.


Slack 1.0.3

Slack Technologies’s Slack (Mac App Store Link) is part of the company’s rapidly-growing suite of team collaboration tools.

The app allows you to communicate with your colleagues by chatting and exchanging files in realtime; a number of integrations make interfacing with other popular collaboration apps, like Google Docs and Hangouts, as easy as a mouse click (or two).


Sleep Tracker Pro 1.0

With a little bit of patience, AVAR Software’s $10 Sleep Tracker Pro (Mac App Store Link) can help you track your sleeping habits and determine whether you’re getting enough rest throughout the day.

The app offers a simple user interface in which you can type in all your sleep periods, including naps throughout the day, and gives you a visual indication of how your habits may be affecting your health.


Sparkle 1.1.1

Ready to unleash your inner designer? River’s $80 Sparkle (Mac App Store Link) makes easy work of creating stunning web pages for everything from your favorite hobby to your business.

The app comes with a number of professionally-built templates that can be edited visually without the need to know any Web technologies like HTML and CSS, supports high-resolution graphics for Retina screens, and output standards-compliant code that works on most browsers.


Watermark Plus 1.5.0

A tool for photographers from all walks of life, PearlMountain Technology’s $5 Watermark Plus (Mac App Store Link) allows you to add watermarks to your pictures, making it harder for others to use your public photos without your permission.

The app supports 17 different watermarking options that can combine text and images, and can even be generated automatically based on the metadata associated with each photo.


WiFi Scanner 2.6.1

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, chances are that your wireless router is fighting for spectrum with its neighbors, potentially slowing you down and making your Internet experience less pleasurable.

AccessAgility’s $4 WiFi Scanner (Mac App Store Link) helps you solve this problem by showing you all the access point nearby, and suggesting the best configuration settings to get the most out of your router.

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