The Week in Mac Apps: Updates from LastPass and 1Password, and more

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find apps that keep your data private, help you organize your pictures, and help you manage your finances without breaking the bank.

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Updates from LastPass and 1Password, and more

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find apps that keep your data private, help you organize your pictures, and help you manage your finances without breaking the bank.


1Password 5.1

AgileBits’s $50 1Password (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep tabs on many bits of private information, like passwords, ID documents, credit cards, and so on, using military-grade encryption to protected them.

A longtime fave of ours, the app’s latest version comes with a streamlined interface, improved syncing across devices, and many other small upgrades.


CalendarMenu 2.3.2

Developer Alexander Lindenstruth’s $4 CalendarMenu (Mac App Store Link) puts a convenient calendar right in your menu, ready to serve you at the click of a mouse.

The app comes with several different display options, and integrates with your calendars, showing busy and free times. On OS X Yosemite, it also provides a handy Today widget that shows you the current month.


Debit and Credit 1.2

Nothing brings order in your life like a bit of financial savvy, and Ivan Pavlov’s Debit & Credit offers up a pile of it in an easy-to-use and very inexpensive package.

The app offers a way to track all your personal accounts (including banking and credit cards), budget your expenses, and track where your money goes every month, producing attractive charts that help you get a handle on your hard-earned income.


LastPass 3.2

Here at Macworld, we’ll never get tired of showing you ways to live a more secure online life. Case in point: LastPass (Mac App Store Link) is a “virtual vault” that helps you keep track of items like your passwords, software licenses, and personal documents, away from prying eyes and synchronized across every device you own.

The app uses military-grade encryption to keep your data safe, and supports many useful features—including the ability to help you automatically login to many websites, generate strong passwords, and organize your information.


Popup Window 1.6

If you tend to lose files, Catalystwo’s $15 Popup Window (Mac App Store Link) can help you organize them better.

The app lives quietly at the edge of your screen; drag a file on to it, and it will stash a reference to it, ready to pop out at your command whenever you need it. You can create multiple containers, which can also be set to “float” on your desktop for maximum convenience.


Posterino 3.0.4

Have a ton of photos and you’re not sure what to do with them? Zykloid Software’s $20 Posterino (Mac App Store Link) helps you turn them into beautiful collages.

With an intuitive workflow, the app allows you to pick your pictures, choose from one of its design templates, and add your own touches—from text to filters—to the end result.


Resolution Changer 1.0

IT Top’s $1 Resolution Changer is a simple utility that lets you quickly change resolutions directly from your menu.

The app can handle every screen configuration supported by your monitor, including scaled configuration that offer either lower resolution or a larger field of view.


SiteSucker 2.6.4

Ever wanted to keep an offline copy of your favorite websites? Developer Rick Cranisky’s $5 SiteSucker (Mac App Store Link) offers a solution that may be for you.

The app works by analyzing a website you point it to, and downloading everything needed to view it locally—even if you are disconnected from the Internet. Its sophisticated engine can handle even the trickiest sites, and lets you decide how “deep” into the site’s hierarchy you want to go—just so you don’t accidentally try to download the entire Internet to your Mac.


Wallble 1.3.8

Finding wallpapers for your desktop is not quite that hard, but nothing beats having them neatly picked and organized in a convenient package. That’s where SmartieAnts’s Wallble (Mac App Store Link) comes in, with a curated collection of hundreds of different high-quality pictures of everything from animals to abstract paintings.

The app features new wallpapers on a daily basis, supports multiple monitors, and the wallpapers look great on Retina displays. A limited number of downloads are included in the free version, and a $5 in-app purchase unlocks the rest.

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