The Week in iOS App: Hail Halo!

This week's roundup of apps includes the arrival of Halo on iOS with two new games. Plus, big updates from Any.Do, Tumblr, and more.

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Hail Halo!

This week’s roundup of apps includes the arrival of Halo on iOS with two new games. Plus, big updates from Any.Do, Tumblr, and more.



Any.Do has long been one of our favorite to-do task managers, and it gets some great new features in Version 3.0. Your tasks are now displayed in a grid; when sharing lists it is now easier to add collaborators and see who is involved. Lists can also now be sorted by time or priority. If you’re a power user, though, you might want to consider the app’s $3-a-month pro version.



Dialr lets you set up eight numbers (10 in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) for dialing directly from your phone’s Notification Center. It also works on the iPad, though you must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the phone to make calls directly from the iPad. Now your favorite phone friends are just a touch away.



Finally! Halo: Spartan Strike and Halo: Spartan Assault are available on iOS, for $6 apiece. These are two apps we know you probably either want or don’t. If you do, why are you reading this? Go download the apps and start blowing up stuff now.



Hooks notifies you about pretty much anything in the world you want to be notified about: Sports, weather, Twitter updates, earthquakes, stock fluctuations, and more. There are more than 100 channels of notifications to choose from, so you’ll never miss anything important again.



We can’t decide if Snapsolve is a “tutoring” app or … something else, maybe. We’ll let the developers describe it. “Get instant homework help in a snap—anytime, any day, anywhere. Simply snap a picture of your homework problem and we’ll send it to our top tutors to answer and provide a complete explanation for your question.” We’re just a step away from crowdsourcing homework.



Tumblr has been around for awhile, but the latest update—to Version 4.0—comes with some big advances. Now you can create new blogs from within the app, instead of having to do so from a desktop or laptop computer. You can also make video posts, submit to other blogs, and take advantage of its improved GIF support.



Advances in music have been so streaming-oriented the last couple of years, we forgot there were cool digital ways to collect, store, and curate music. Vox is a “locker” service that’s been around awhile on Mac; now it’s also available as an iOS subscription service costing either $5 a month or $50 a year. You get unlimited storage space for your music files, and formats from a variety of services can be played.



Yerdle is basically the iOS version of a swap meet: Give away your junk—the buyers pay the shipping fee and Yerdle sends you a pre-paid UPS shipping label—and get paid in Yerdle Dollars, which you can use in turn to buy other people’s junk. You can even create a wish list of items, and be notified when somebody puts them up to give away.


Others of note

Chrome has added a widget and 1Password support  … Wikipedia Mobile has updated with new sharing features … Citymapper has added support for five more cities.

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