The Week in Mac Apps: Updates for PaintCode, NeoOffice, Blogo, and more

This week's roundup of Mac apps brings you a jam-packed collection of software that solves all kinds of problems—from office needs to blogging and even painting with code.

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Updates for PaintCode, NeoOffice, Blogo, and more

This week’s roundup of Mac apps brings you a jam-packed collection of software that solves all kinds of problems—from office needs to blogging and even painting with code.


AccuRaw Monochrome 2.3.2

Developer Alexander McGuffog’s $80 AccuRaw Monochrome converts RAW images into beautiful monochrome pictures.

The app supports a wide range of very accurate settings that control every aspect of the end result, and is even compatible with special IR and UV filters.


Audio Library 1.0

Music Paradise’s $4 Audio Library brings you a curated collection of audiobooks that keep you company during a long day—or perhaps during your daily commute.

The app includes a selection of classic from authors like Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling that you can download directly to your Mac for easy listening.


Blogo 2.2.1

Take all the stress out of blogging with Blogo’s $30 eponymous app (Mac App Store link).

The app offers an interactive WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit your posts, import notes from Evernote, and even attach images at the click of a mouse—all with a live preview that gives you an idea what your content will look like even before you finish writing it.


Car Manager 1.04

Kiwi Objects’s $5 Car Manager (Mac App Store link) makes easy work of keeping up with your vehicles.

The app lets you track mileage, gas consumption, and associated expenses, and tallies everything into a neat set of infographics and reports. As an added bonus, you can even calculate your carbon dioxide footprint!


Gdrive 1.0

Idea2Inspire’s $3 Gdrive gives you ready access to your Google Drive, with a clever and intuitive interface that makes getting your data in and out as easy as a mouse click.

The app supports drag-and-drop file transfers, multiple windows, a menu-only mode, and global keyboard shortcuts for faster access.


NeoOffice 2014.10

Planamesa’s $30 NeoOffice (Mac App Store link) offers a full suite of business software based on the popular OpenOffice.

The venerable app—which has been in production since 2003—comes with a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation designer, and natively supports many cloud storage services, including Dropbox and iCloud Drive.


Org Chart Designer Pro 3.30

Confused about who’s who in your company? Aidaluu’s $15 Org Chart Designer Pro (Mac App Store link) can help.

With this app, you can easily create all sorts of charts that show any kind of hierarchy using one of several convenient templates, complete with textual annotations and pictures.


PixelCode 2.3.1

PixelCut’s $100 PaintCode 2 (Mac App Store link) is a great tool that lets developers transform vector graphics into code that they can incorporate right in their OS X and iOS software.

The app’s latest release includes support for generating SVG code, importing a number of new formats like AI and EPS, animated sequences, and much more.


StockTouch 2.0

Keep an eye on your investments and holdings with Visible Market’s $5 StockTouch (Mac App Store link), which gives you a bird’s-eye view over your favorite stocks and bonds.

The app features a special “map” feature that provides a color-coded rendering of issues that can be grouped by any arbitrary criteria of your choosing—either produced in realtime or from historical data that you provide in CSV format.

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