The Week in iOS Apps: Laughs and inspiration

This week's roundup includes apps to inspire you, help you reach your goals, and even have a chuckle or two along the way.

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Laughs and inspiration

This week’s roundup includes apps to inspire you, help you reach your goals, and even have a chuckle or two along the way.

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Somewhere in your past is a tweet that will someday come back to haunt you. Clear for iOS connects to your social media accounts, hunts down and flags questionable posts, and lets you immediately delete them. Going for a job interview? Running for president? You might want this app.

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EA Sports UFC

Some days, the world knees you in the groin, throws and elbow to your head, and makes you wish you were in a sleeper hold. Some days, you do it back. Now that EA Sports UFC is available on iPhone and iPad, those days can be every day. Better yet, you can play with your favorite UFC fighters to mete out the beatings your opponents so richly deserve.


Funny or Die News Flash

Now that Jon Stewart is moving on, how are you going to stay informed and tickle your funny bone at the same time? Funny or Die News Flash has the solution, providing up-to-date news headlines and punchlines to match, with links to the full (straight) news sources for folks who actually want to learn something.



The Kink app is oriented toward, uh, romance stories, but it offers an intriguing experiment in crowdsourcing fiction: Collaborators create stories together in 280-character chunks—about two tweets’ worth. Up to four people can collaborate on a story, with a standard story weighing in at eight turns per collaborator. It’s social media for the “50 Shades” set.



Linkagoal lets you post your goals publicly — other users can cheer you on as you progress to your target. There is a downside, notes: “Using the app brings a newfound sense of shame when you don’t complete your goals, further helping you stay on target.” Shame! Just the emotion Steve Jobs was hoping to evoke when he unveiled the first iPhone!



We’ll let the developers explain MileWiz: “You are eligible for tax deductions! IRS deductions are 57.5c per qualifying mile in 2015. Driving 30 miles a day can save you up to $4500 per year on your tax return. MileWiz helps you keep track of your drives and allows you to easily classify them as business or personal.”



Pacifica for iPhone tracks your mood levels through the day, and if your outlook takes a turn for the worse, offers tips and exercises to help put a smile back on your face — or at least wipe the frown off it. You’ll need a $4-a-month subscription to unlock the app’s full array of tools.


RBI Baseball '15

Admittedly we’re a little tired of “freemium” games. So it’s a relief to just slap down $5 and download a copy of RBI Baseball ‘15. It’s more detailed than ever, with more than 1,000 players and individual characteristics of each MLB ballpark. Plus, you can play in “classic” mode featuring great teams of the past.


Others of note

WhatsApp Messenger has added VOIP capabilities … TuneIn Radio is now compatible with CarPlay … Real Racing 3 has added more tracks and more cars.

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